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L28ET into a 71 240z

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Here's a start... http://www.zhome.com/


Under modifications for more HP -> 2.8L turbo swaps into a 240Z


Is it a checklist? No. I doubt there are many people that can provide a comprehensive checklist on what is required in a "standard" L28et turbo swap...these cars are over 35 years old and have undoubtedly had changes done in their lifetime (both the donor and transplant patient). You never know what you will find.

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Hi all, is there a checklist somewhere which lists what it would take to put a L28ET into a 71 240z and make it run properly...

If someone could please direct me. I'd really appreciate it...




dude good luck i dont think i've ever even heard of that before!! You can try it but its a long shot man

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Short answer: without knowing what you're planning, the answer is "no" there isn't a checklist.


Longer answer: there are probably an infinite number of permutations for putting a turbo motor into a 240z. At one extreme you start with a 280zx turbo donor car and literally just take parts off of it and put them into the 240. At the other extreme you can build up a full custom L28 (or bigger) that doesn't use anything from the factory turbo. In my case all I used was the block with the crank and pistons, intake manifold, drive shaft and half shafts. Everything else was from something else.


So it's probably impossible to create a checklist that could address all these combinations.


I will suggest that you do 2 things:


1) decide what your build plan will be. What block/head/cam/pistons/intake manifold/turbo/intercooler/radiator/oil pump+cooler/exhaust/transmission/driveshaft/halfshafts/differential/LSD do you plan to use?


2) decide which ECU/injectors/fuel rail/fuel pump/gas tank/surge tank (if necessary)/fuel lines you plan to use.


There are quite a few build threads on this site that should give you some good ideas of how to plan it for your specific goals. I didn't measure it, but I'll bet I spent at least 100 hours reading on this site before I picked up the first tool to start my swap. It's not rocket science if you do your homework.


BTW, in case you didn't pick up on it, there's your checklist :) Anyone else have something to add?

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