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L28et HP/TQ


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As already stated, Torque is measured, HP is calculated, (amount of torque produced in given time frame, RPM).


As for why this is so with the EFI L-6, partly due to cam timing, partly due to this is an old engine design that was a state of the art 2 valve OHC design back in the '60's when this engine was introduced. Personally, I feel a bigger reason for the nice torque production, yet lacking relative HP figures is the stock EFI intake runners. These runners are only 53% the area of the intake valves themselves. Other intake manifolds, including manifolds for carbs, tend to allow the engine to breathe better in the upper RPM range (more torque above the 5252 RPM cross over), allowing for more HP production for a given peak torque figure.


Maybe TonyD, Timz, JeffP will chime in as well. :wink:

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I'll add that the stock cam/head combinations for the L engines usually have torque peaks in the 4-4.5k rpm range and then fall of pretty rapidly afterward. Add a more aggressive cam (which will shift the torque peak to a higher rpm)and do some headwork to improve flow and the HP peak can exceed the torque peak.

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You also have to think about what you're doing with it. The advantage of cute lil' ports especially on the exhaust side is that port velocity will be high. This leads to lots of nifty off idle response and it will spool a turbo a little quicker than a comparative head with bigger flow numbers. That means that below 5grand (where you spend 90% of your time, well for some people it's more like 30% of the time, but to each their own) everything runs better and it will hustle the car a little better than a monster flowing head at the same RPMS.

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