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240z electronic ignition help

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Ok, you have identified the two missing wires for the tacho setup.


Remove the wire currently supplying +12 Volt to the coil (+) terminal and connect it to the black/white wire with the female connector instead.

Connect the (previously taped) green/white wire to coil (+) and your tacho should be active again! (if its plugged in ;) )


Good luck,


Let me make sure I have this right:

If I connect the two b/w wires together, the gr/w wire is then going to have 12v and supply power to the coil? And everything else remains as is?

You're worrying me here Adrian...it took a long time to get it running ;)

I can't do anything yet. I rebuilt the carbs and two of the auxiliary venturi's were melted. I'm waiting for replacements before reinstalling the carbs. Then I need to see if the car still starts and see if I can get the carbs adjusted correctly.

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Some pics of the fancy new mount when it comes in are requested.


Took +4 weeks but i learned how to do technical drawings on the way... cnc machined out of a single aluminium billet, should be sturdy enough for things to come.

Height is exactly as the original distributor including cap, so might look original enough to not draw attention to the conversion :)


post-9530-035276800 1282070078_thumb.jpg post-9530-017648700 1282070087_thumb.jpg

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