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used l28et pistons

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What year engine is it going into? The turbo pistons are dished which will produce a lower compression than the flat top pistons used in some engines. The other difference is that the ring lands are lower on the piston, I dont know if thats a problem but its something to note. Youd also want to address the bearings, I dont know if you can just pull the old bearings off the the chipped piston and put them onto the replacement.

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You need to read other threads and also read the grammar and punctuation rules for this site.


The rods are fine, you can check them just in case for out of round, or check for torsions. Stock rods are capable for up to 400 HP? Anyhow, some people run forged pistons with stock rods because they are very resilient. Every other L28et rebuild related questions have already been asked and answered.

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