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Anyone Here Been to the Caribbean?


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I'm planning on taking a trip in October to somewhere in the Caribbean for my birthday. I'm looking for some advice on where exactly to go. Some places I had in mind were St. Thomas, Negril, Jamaica, or Nassau Bahamas. Anyone here been to any of these places? I'm really looking for a place that's less of a secluded private getaway type of deal and more of a party atmosphere I guess you could say. I'll be with a couple friends, we're all in our mid 20's. Any recommendations?




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Dominican republic is pretty good. And inexpensive compared to other all-inclusive resorts.


Jamaica's Sandals resorts are definitely fun, but are "couples" resorts. So if its you and a bunch of friends, I wouldnt expect to pick up any hotties without getting punched in the face.


If your trying to party, then I also second Cancun or something of a similar destination.


Lastly, if you're a big baller, Atlantis in the Bahamas is one of the nicest resorts I've ever been to. There's a reason why its always in the top 10 Caribbean destinations.

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I live 60 miles north of Miami, and South Florida is a beautiful place.. but if you want "CArribean" go to an island. There is plenty of mightlife here, but there really isn't that much nature left, and there are SO MANY people that the difference is plain.


I'm all for hyping s. Florida's tourist economy, (no state income tax here, just sales taxt, so we need it) but honesty is important too. South florida is great if you want a tropical vacation without the hassle of leaving mainland... but even though in my heart I find the Carribean in my backyard every day, it isn't as easy to find for travelers.

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