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Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

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That Weber Manifold looks hand fabricated. Back in the Day, a Japanese Company called 'TBO' had a triple 44IDF manifold that situated the carbs similarly, looked much like the IDF setup on a Ferarri, very close spacing on the manifold, centered. They were very popular at the time to stick a blow-through plenum on and go to 2+ bar boost...That's not a TBO manifold in the photos, though.

Would you happen to have any pictures of the TBO manifold or somewhere I could find more information about it?

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Back in the late '70s Preston took 12 or so 280Z 5-spds and turned them into straight cut, changeable transmissions using Hewland gears. I know were 3.5 are and would like to put my hands on one of the remaining units.

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