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The stuff legends are made of. Epic story of $500 E30 competing along side WRC

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It was a great adventure, pity the writer sexed it up to the point where the article is quite misleading. Parts like "entered the Mexico round of the World Rally Championship" are simply untrue. 'Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story' journalism.


Real facts are something like this. The rally concerned was a locally organised Mexican rally confusingly called Rally America run concurrently with a leg of the WRC. So there were two separate and distinct rallies run together on the same course, thats it. The results of that rally are here http://www.rallymexico.com/content.php?page=rally under the Results - Rally America tag. The car concerned appears to be in a class called 'open', in the one PDF file I opened the BMW was the only car in that class.


Anyway I don't mean to detract from what those fellas accomplished, its just a shame that it was reported in such a way that may reflect badly back on them.

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