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Hard Line! What does it go too?


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Im just about to get my car running again after replacing just about everything. I did removed a lot of vacuum stuff and EGR Delete removed Carbon Canister. But I cannot remember for the life of me what this goes to been a pretty long time it has been sitting lol. Im assuming its like part of the evap for carbons and stuff. I cant find anything though. Any help would be appreciated.


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Well I'm guessing that you replaced your intake with a N42 so I'm guessing that the vacuum from the Auto tranny hooked up in about that spot on the Stock 80 280zx Intake. Also if your going to keep the Auto tranny you will need to have that hooked up to the intake. The line goes to the Vacuum Modulator on the side of the transmission, It will cause your transmission to have trouble shifting if that is not connected.



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