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WTB Rust free 280z shell- VA


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I have a 77 rust free arizona shell, but only problem is that i am in AZ, lol... Its complete just sat for almost 10 years, the previous owner flew back home to japan, and left the car. It has A\C, Arizona paint package (read:faded) and the usual cracked dash. Everything works, but it rund rough and the transmission is noisy (prolly dry, i havnt checked)... This thing was on its way to the bone yard, but couldt see such a rust free car go to waste, so i bought it, and have no use for it.


So, If you feeling adventurous, C'mon down.

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ive got a 75 280z shell with a jim cook wide body and i called jim cook and the wide body cost 1300. and i have an rb20 with it, the rb20 is missing ecu upper wiring harness and maf. but its not in the car. whole front of the car has already been painted with por15 and the whole inside has been painted with por15 except for around the areas ive cut out the rust geting ready to weld. i can get more pics if your interested. just give me a price or if you have a (running) datsun to trade show me pics and well take it from there. my number is 812-568-1569 and my email is dirttbag333@yahoo.com











812-568-1569 and my email is dirttbag333@yahoo.com

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