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got some 1/8 mile track times 280zx

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okay i ran a 9.1 8th mile at 81 mph on 13.5 psi and 225 street tires on stock turbo wheels.

83 zxt t04e 50 trim

450cc injectors

2 1/2'' dp and no exhaust

1/4 mile was 13.9 at 102 mph

lots of wheel spin in 1-2

stock long block with a maxima cam.

the t-5 syncros screaming for help crunching into 3-4

stock fpr and pump but duty cycle is at 102% on the dsm injectors

ms1 v3 lots of timing

car is 2800lbs with me and fuel.

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On 4/29/2013 at 9:46 AM, 78zstyle said:

102% duty cycle is going to destroy your injectors, get bigger ones. 

No doubt.  They will burn out, and your ECU cannot compensate for a lean condition.  BTW it is only possible to get more than 100% duty in imaginary dimensions.

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