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VQ35 --> 240Z swap needs list

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On 4/2/2017 at 9:30 PM, Pharaohabq said:

Hi Astro...    I am keeping NATS to make it harder to steal the car.  Nats is the antenna ring around the key slot, and the BCU and ECU all run through the dash harness (body harnesss #1)  along with the A-Amp that runs the tach gauges etc.   I'm swapping in the 350z steering column, and it's mostly bolt in with a bracket under the dash and a spare steering Ujoint.  (gives me the 350z/G35 steering wheel too with the cruise buttons.)  Nats is no big deal if you have the original BCU and ECU from the donor car. (or a paired set)  you can get a new key programmed from the original Vin# of the donor too. 


I hope to get mine running this summer, now that my daughter is older. I had pulled everything to go for paint, but I've been tempted to just get it going then paint later. I drove my buddie's 240z last week, now I'm jones'n for an S30 fix...


Let me know what questions you have.


Phar (Eric)

Hey Pharaoh,

I just got my hands on a salvage 2008 350z for $500. Engine is an unknown on running condition.


I would like to swap it into my 1973 240z and what I'm getting from this thread is that I ABSOLUTELY NEED the engine, transmission, driveshaft, the O2 Sensors, the BCM, the IPDM, the engine and dash harness as well as the ECU and the FM antenna and the ignition with the key.

Is that correct?

If you don't mind my asking, why the FM antenna?

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NATS antenna...  it reads the key to match it with what's programmed in the BCU.    $500 bucks for your whole donor???? !!!!!!!  Wow crap! you don't want to know what I spent for parts a few years ago.   


MiloZ We don't want to threadjack, Any updates?

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Pharaohabq, threadjack away! please post anything you have here. there is very little info out there on this swap so might as well post what we can here.


My update.... um, not much. I was building my sbc swap at the time I started getting interested in this VQ swap (only started it because I found a good deal on the engine/drive-train. I obviously wasn't ready for the project) and I spent the next year or so working on the sbc. the VQ35/6-speed just collected dust. I then moved into a small apartment for the next several years and had to move the VQ to my fathers shop where it remains now. Only reason I looked this thread up today is that he wants it out of his shop. I really want to keep it and do the swap but, I may have to sell it. I also have a 1970 240Z I was going to use for the swap but, its all original and running so I cant bring myself to tear it apart. Probably going to have to sell it also as its also on pops property. If I had the space and a chassis to drop it into, Id do it.

sigh, so many projects, so little time (and space). 


There is a useful shop here in Sacramento for anyone needing help. Fitted Garage. they specialize in these swaps and are very helpful. I was going to have them help with the wiring. If there are others in the Sacramento area needing help, feel free to contact me. 

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