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280z (datsun / nissan) non replaceable ujoint replacement where to go to fix for just $103 in 30 minuets

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280z (datsun / nissan) non replaceable ujoint replacement where to go to fix for just $103 in 30 minuets


I recently had the need to service the U joints (all 6) in the drive train of my 77 Z. After the parts houses had sold me the wrong U Joints for the driveline several times, and online research I learned about the NON REPLACEABLE U JOINTS used. Research indicated 2 resolutions, replace with an older pre 75 driveline with replaceable U joints or have a driveline built. Locating a pre 75 drivline for a 2+2 proved difficult.


I called several driveline shops who said they could not replace them, all except one. When I called Driveline Service of Portland and spoke to Joe Delk at 503 289 2264. I was in disbelief when he said he could get them changed out, so I questioned and queried him, emailed pics and finally took in my driveline. 30 minuets later I had both U joints replaced for a mere $103 with a pair of Rockford 430-10 U joints.


Rockford apparently came out with the 430-10 U joint about 2005 thankfully.


Thank you Joe for the very good news for all our Z cars....

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I've replaced my rear halfshaft U joints on a 78 280Z before, not too hard. Question here though is are the Rockford 430-10 UJoints you speak of sealed or greasable? When I replace my bushings and take outt the suspension, I was going to go about greasing all the parts like those, and if these have zerk fittings, then I might just replace what I've got.



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