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damaged frame rail 240z


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I've got a damaged, pushed in frame rail just where the tc rod goes and wanted to repair it before sandblasting and POR coating the chassis but I'm unsure how to straighten the damaged section. I thought about getting one of those spot stud welders but I'm thinking the metal might be too strong there to pull out, any suggestions please?


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I had about the same damage on my car from an earlier collision fron the previous owner. My car was basically rust free which gave me more options. I took my car to a frame guy and had the spot pulled out like yours, then i cut out the bad metal(not the whole frame rail), and replaced it for cosmetic reasons. If the metal is sound and you get it square, then bondo the dimple stuff and call it a day. Or cut out the bad stuff and replace.

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Hi Mossy,


This is how we went about repairing mine. :)


Chassis Rail Repair




James were actually following your build on a thread over on Auszcar, keep the build updated, love it!


Thanks for the other ideads guys but I've decided to get it fixed by a fellow forumite on Auszcar otherwise I could make a mess of it.

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