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Datsun 260Z & Mazda FD


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My brother took my car (260Z) out before it went back to the shop for work on the suspension and brakes. The other car is a right hand drive 1993 RX-7.



Yes, I need a new gas cap or need to seal the rubber on the cap. Right now, rubber seal comes off 100%







You can sort of notice the camber on it.



More to come once the car gets all the problems worked out. The RX7 is putting out about 300 HP. And yes, my 260Z did beat it in the one and only race they had. And that was with the unbalanced driveshaft in the 260Z. When you accelerate hard, the whole car shakes. That's being figured out as well.

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Nice photos, looks like a decent 20 footer.


wow are rx7's really that small?

Yeah they are. My mate has an FD Series 8 and it has less cabin space/room for feet then the 260z I have.

Also has token rear seats (even a child's legs would be squashed in there), much less room then my 2+2 seats.


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