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DIY Stage III Shift Kit Installation for S30 and S130 Jatco Autos

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On 9/10/2010 at 4:16 AM, RB30X said:

Yes auto's do limit the use of the vehicle in any racing forms except drag as you mentioned. There are the cruisers out there that have squeezed a little more horsepower from their L series and its the sloppy auto shifts letting them down. A shift kit would suit those people.

There is a famous VL turbo track car in New Zealand with a Jatco auto. Smashing down gears coming up to corners in an auto does not offer the engine braking that a manual gearbox does though.

Hello I have a 1984 Datsun 300zx turbo automatic would like 2 build up the transmission... may I please have one of your shift kits?! please contact me.. 

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I have been contacted by a few people regarding a shift kit that I was involved in developing a few years ago. We actually developed this shift kit for the 4 speed Jatco 4N71B but recently adapted it

12 minutes ago, A to Z said:

I have tried high and low to find a link to order this shift kit for my 240Z Automatic.




If this product is still available, then PLEASE....tell me how I may get one?


I have never seen a product that is so hard to find.

Tell me about it. That’s why I started selling them. 


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