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240Z SBC hybrid track and time-trials build


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First running video! Hot off the alignment rack at Performance Chassis in Cary, NC. This was a rough alignment and I have not weighed or corner balanced it yet. I did check for binding, clearance, and double checked all bolts for proper torque. There was a delivery truck blocking the parking lot, so I could not drive away for the camera.








This is my 3rd 240Z project and my second track and time-trials Zcar. I had a slight detour with a 1997 BMW E36 M3/4/5 which I have decided is not economical for it's level of thrills. The M3 makes a much better daily driver. My previous topics pertained to 2 different 240Zs I have modified for track duty. The V8-HybridZ is the main subject and my new track car.


Normally aspirated V8 is definitely the way to go. The thing is incredibly responsive and I have not even done tuning outside of the parking lot. I have driven it around town; yes it's insured and registered as an antique. The police take 2/3/4 or more looks but it seems to pass muster. I would never attempt to drive it hard on public roads. There is plenty of free track time for me as an HPDE/track days instructor.


The engine is a 327 SBChevy c.1964. It has slightly modified 461 heads with 2.02"int/1.60"ex, large dia./triple springs, guide plates, hardened pushrods and aluminum roller rockers. The block is stock 2 bolt with mild overbore and thin-metal headgaskets. It has a factory forged crank, flat tappet cam(Competition Cams Magnum 270), with solid lifters. It is mild compression and runs well on pump gas. The cam has mild duration and a relatively smooth idle. A Holley 650cfm 4150 carby on a large runner dual plane intake and digital CD ignition seem to do a great job with this engine. The only complaint I have is the extra weight of the cast iron heads, complete lack of accessory holes, and the short waterpump. The alternator mount had to be fabricated from scratch to get it low and close on the right side.


The driveline uses a World Class T5 tranny, lightweight flywheel, Zoom clutch, NISMO R-200 3.54 diff, RT mount, and 280ZXT tripod axles.


The suspension(in development) is fully adjustable heim jointed, coil-over, with relatively cheap Tokico Illumina dampers, and 300#F/250#R springs, 1"F swaybar, 5/8"R swaybar. I should have $ponied$ up for the Bilstiens and higher spring rates, but the Tokico stuff was free to me. I have a variety of <300# springs to try and 2 sets of aftermarket swaybars that will allow for some experimentation with the Tokicos. I am using Rota RB-R 17"x9.5" wheels with 245/40/17 tires. I could and should find a way to make larger tires fit under the bodywork. Right now the ZG flares wont allow me to run wider tires with the current suspension set up. The lightweight springs allow too much suspension travel, and the ZG flares are not very wide at all.


The brakes are Arizona Z Car's Willwood kit with 4-lug hats, 12.2" rotors, 4-piston front calipers, and Beta Motorsport's dual master cylinder bracket. I am using 15/16"F and 7/8"R dia. bores. The brake pedal is stiff and feels a lot like you would expect with no vacuum booster. The stopping power does not require much pedal effort at all. Once the brakes are warm and the pads are bedded in they stop easily with little pedal movement or pressure.


The chassis/unibody was sand blasted, phosphate treated, sealed, primed, and painted using Nason single-stage poly in 2007 Ford Mustang "Lime Gold Metallic". Exterior bodywork will use Nason 2-stage basecoat clearcoat for durability. The entire unibody was seam-welded, reinforced, and fully caged with more points than most classes allow. It is so stiff that it tends to sit on 2 of the 4 jackstands and rocks back and forth. I have it in the garage diagonally across an expansion seam for better access.

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I decided to use the weld-holes as vents. I still need to fabricate some FRP parts for various systems. I have a nice rig for vacuum bagging carbon fiber/epoxy composites. I intend to make roof-vents and a spoiler strip based on results from the wind tunnel project. I also need an airbox to mate to the cowl induction hood, and brake duct scoops and transitions.

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