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bumpsteer spacer for Z31

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My struts are sectioned monsters.


Im using old school AZC coilover conversion on s30 upper strut sections with z31 lower half. im also using vw sirocco inserts (sits very low) i was wondering if there is a z31 bumpsteer spacer and if it is the same as the s30. if not where can i get a z31 spacer?




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I have a set of the V1 bump steer spacers for the Z31 sitting on the desk next to my bed. What measurements do you need to know? There are a few different versions for the V2, one that will adjust camber and one that will adjust steering angle. The style that will adjust for camber should be available very soon. Z31parts.com is in the loop about all of the parts as far as I know.

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