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LS/T56/240z Project Mentor Wanted

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Car off stands and reassembled. Aligned on new lift. Ran autocross Saturday. Car did fine. Driver was average at best. Always lots of fun. Used lift to help fix a buddy's Mountaineer after church. Z i

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No. Windshield and dash are out for cage upgrade. Door bars have to be removed prior to taking to cage guy and he had a backlog. Working on hot rod (1931 Ford coupe) mostly. I bought a mig welder and Im practicing. Once I feel like mig is good I will get a tig and get good with it. Target date got 200mph attention is 2020. Had such a great evening with you and your wife. Very impressive couple.

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ZAttack was kind of a bust last month due to rain and hail. They moved the show into a parking deck, which was good, but participation was really down. Got to hang out with EasTNZ, but Smyrna388Z was a no-show. It rained like hell all weekend and the tow back and forth was pretty sketchy with cars in the ditch all along the highway. Still in line for rollcage work. Stopped by "the man" and he said I might get into his shop in the next couple weeks. Hopeful, but understanding-he's started building turn-key drag cars for folks and has been getting bogged down in the details like any of us can. Driving the minivan to the Arkansas Mile next weekend in Blytheville, AR. I think a Ford GT went 278 there last year. Hoping to put some time in on the S-10 this weekend-had some Lully noise last time I drove it.

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