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project 460zx


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I got a 4.6L engine and auto trans out of a 2000 Crown Vic PI from a friend for pretty much free, so I couldnt pass up the opportunity to be one of very few to put the ford mod v8 into a ZX. Ive searched and searched, and searched some more and couldnt find any complete documented builds including this engine, so i plan to take plenty of pictures and "how to's" during this process. success or fail, ill document it to the end, and hopefully someone can gain knowledge from my trial and error. anyway, here it goes...


last pic of the zx with the L28e in it




little man helping me pull the driveshaft out





2000 crown vic with front end pulled off and wires disconected, pretty easy stuff until you get to the motor mounts which i found easiest to remove bolts from underneath. i had to take the lower control arms off to get to the bolts.





finally got the 4.6 out



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I got a little bit of work done over the weekend but not as much as i wanted to since i was helping a friend put new bushings in his s14. anyways, on with the pictures...


im using the vic crossmember as a template to make my own later. just measure frame rail to frame rail on the s130, matched that measurement to the vic subframe and cut the top half off. again, this is just a template. ill be making my own later.









about time to clean my work space and prepare to pull in the s130





pulled the L28 out and removed all wiring and misc. stuff in the bay





next on the agenda is to patch the rust around the battery tray





I just wanted to let everyone know that this is purely a "back yard" build. im using a 30 gallon air compressor with randaom air tools, power tools, and a 110 fluxcore welder. and im working on a limited budget, however, a couple things will have to be out sourced such as custom drive shaft and having the custom headers tig welded. also, i picked up the 280zx for $900 so im not afraid to cut it ;)

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Well I can attest to the longevity of the CVPI 4.6L as my patrol car is now cruising on 158K with the state saying do not expect a new one any time soon. And that is with at least 8 hrs of engine run time to go along with the miles.

Just have to look at the check engine light along with the ABS light all day.


Good luck with the project



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First test fit...









definitely fits between the strut towers, but i was not expecting to have issues with the brake booster...






I can either figure a way to modify the brake booster so i can have the engine sit close to the firewall like i want, or I can leave the booster alone and have the engine sit about 4 inches from the firewall. What do you guys think? do i have any options to use a smaller brake booster or could i cut, notch, weld the factory one to make it work?

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I've yet to actually make the mounts for mine, just mocked it up. I had the Lincoln intake manifold on it so I wasn't able to get the block all the way up to the firewall like I would have liked, but it doesn't look like I'll have much of a clearance issue. However, I've got an early 240Z which I believe has a smaller and less effective brake booster.


As for a solution to your problem, some of my friends are into minitrucks and they have smaller aftermarket brake boosters to clear the tires when the trucks are fully dropped. That might be something worth looking into.

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ive searched for custom brake boosters and came up with nothing. do you know if the 240sx booster will fit on Z cars? if so, ChaseBays makes a manual brake kit for the S chasis. As for a quick fix, I cut a section off of the zx booster, and welded a flat piece of steel of the same thickness in its place. Im not sure how this will, if at all, affect my brakes. we'll just have to see once i get it drivable again. Ill post pics of it when i get a chance.

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How big was the hydraulic booster out of the Crown vic? I know the 96 Mustang I pulled my engine out of had one... (PS, as long as you don't limit the travel of the booster piston, I would think the effectiveness would remain the same, you still have the same amount of vacuum acting on the same surface area diaphragm. (F=P*A)

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