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French 260Z 2+2 with 1UZ-FE


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Well yes a frenchie


I am trying to gather the information necessary for my project.


I have a DATSUN 260Z 2 +2 and I want to replace the current engine, a cast iron L26




So I go for the 1UZ-FE in England because the models have not had the LEXUS 1UZFE have not been sold in France.

So I found a 1UZFE from a Lexus LS400 UFC20 1994-1997




The engine-inc engine loom, throttle body, distributors, starter

+ Auto gearbox

+ Torque converter

+ Alternator

+ Engine ECU

+ Engine mounts

+ 2 X Catalytic Converters

X + 4 O2 sensors

Y + front exhaust pipe section

+ + Prop Mount Rubber coupling

Gear selector unit + + sunrise

+ Complete Front loom

+ + Relays fuse boxes intact


Now that I finally have the engine, I realized that I need a rear sump SOARER/SC400.


After searching, I found someone who miami needs a front sump for his 1UZ.

So we make an exchange.


Among so I bought a RCI fuel cell 16-gallon and a fuel pump Bosch 044 300lph

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Some news on my blog http://chico-260z.over-blog.com/


I change my wheels by Diamond racing 16X10 4x4,5 -4,5


And the tyres: HANKOOK Ventus R-S2 225/50R16









I started dismantling to rebuild the engine compartment and the front.


All must be clean and strengthened to accommodate the 1UZ







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