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L6 Distributor Cover in development

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I finally got around to making a distributor cover. Here is a shot of the prototype. It's 6061T6 anodized black with the "Z" and outer ring sanded through. The tool paths around the Z will stay there but stuff like the rounded off edge by the lower mount hole won't.





I sanded the side of the cover and removed too much material which exposed the timing cover. This will be corrected in the production piece.




I'm going to offer them in plain anodized silver as well which I think would look better on my setup.




The price is going to be $35.00 plus shipping. Shipping via priority mail is probably around $5.00. If you want a plain one that's not anodized it's $28.00.


If you think your going to want one reply to this post with the color you want. I'm just trying to get a feel as to how many to make on the first run.




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So the less work you do, the more it costs? :) Conversely... the more work you do, the less it costs? If I get mine made totally by hand, will it be free? How can I get you to pay for shipping?


Seriously, I am very eager to receive this part. I'm surprised that with all the Megasquirt/EDIS setups out there, someone hadn't already established a source for the blockoff plate.

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Great looking cover. I'm in, black anodized please. Let me know when and how payment is to be received.






I'm interested in one too. The black anodized looks pretty cool. A silver one would be great too. Would the silver one have a black "Z" on it, or would the "Z" be silver also? Not sure which one I want yet....haha...but definitly want one.



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Would the silver one have a black "Z" on it, or would the "Z" be silver also? Not sure which one I want yet....haha...but definitly want one.


Not likely, the anodizing process covers the entire piece in a thin layer of black oxide, and the silver Z is obtained by sanding through this thin layer. To get a black Z would require some pretty intricate and intensive sanding work...


But then again, Derek aparently charges less when you have him do more work, so you might be able to work it out for free with that much work! :P

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I would tell you but then you would bother me :)


Right now I have in stock:

Kick panel speaker pods for 70/73

.080 cam tower shims

.063 cam tower shims

EDIS install kits for L6


In development:

Distributor block off plate (DUH)

"A pillar" pod gauge mount


Bouncing around in my near brain

Rear trim panels with integrated speaker pods

Lower door panel covers with integrated speaker pods and maybe a door pocket if I can fit it.


Way down the road. (probably never buy hey I can dream)

Dashboard that holds modern gauges a 7" touch screen and modern vents for the AC.

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I'm 100% with you on the dash thing! I know it's way down the road, but at least for grins and giggles, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the dash. I am considering cutting up my stock dash, epoxying in an aftermarket gauge cluster, then fiberglassing over everything for a smooth surface and covering with vinyl dash fabric. For the whole thing to work, I would also need to rework the center control area and probably modify the center console as well. Looking to attempt this in the spring, so I'm definitely open to ideas!

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Allrighty then.

I have an assortment to choose from.



Raw, silver anodize, all black, black with silver Z and black with black Z.

The black with black Z is $10.00 more because I have to put it in the mill again after it's anodized and carve out the Z. Also the back ground is no longer anodized so you will have to keep it waxed.


They came out really great and I think everyone will be happy.



The raw one is already sold to Jeff.

AtlantaZ and Soundmasterg have dibs on the black Zs with silver background if they want to pay the extra bucks.I have 2 in stock

Lance Vance gets the all black one

AtlantaZ and rjstcroix have dibs on the black with silver Z.


I have enough material to make 16 more and I'll be making them soon so If you got skipped don't sweat it as I'll have more. Just let me know what color you want.

Nobody is tied to their choices so If you want to make a different selection no problem.

Edited by Derek
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