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My 1974 has 1972 type (HJG46W 8B) su carbs on it. After three months on restoring her, i got some popping when i sprayed starting fluid in the carbs.

The carbs were cleaned up and new gaskets from the z source installed, but i could not get the primary jet and or choke off the body. Now that it will not pull the gas into the manifold, i must get those parts apart and replaced. I went to the internet for help but could not find any details on my specific carbs. My jet assembly has a flex gas line coming from the bowl (held on with clamps) to a plastic component (looks like a crows foot) that is also attached to the choke linkage via a screw on arm, the center goes into the carb's body below the needle. There is an adjusting nut that has a stopper held on with a screw BUT NO JAM NUT that i can loosen to remove the jet ??!!?? When i try to rotate the choke linkage, it binds the arm, going to the plastic component but the assembly does not slide in and out of the carb's body. Sure could use some help here...Thanks

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