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-72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

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Car looks great on track.


I currently run a 240z with standard 1jz which generally get used on track now so I'm building a mild 240 as a runaround. Couldnt think of a better engine than one from this family so bought myself a 3uz-fe with auto box, loom, ecu and all the little bit I thought I'd need. I've had it running for a bit on the floor while I finish the wiring ready to put it in the car. I'm now getting to the stage of engine mounts and in all the threads I've read, noone mentions them in any detail or show any pictures of what they have done. I'm not sure why but I'm thinking they are not easy. I have a front sump engine from a GS430 and getting a rear/mid sump is proving very difficult. I've taken a few measurements and think I can get away with the front sump but it's very close and the engine will need to be just off the baulkhead. Any chance you could take some pice of the mounts and how the sump clears the crossmember?




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Rear sumps are really a mid sump(they don't go that far back)

The one on the right in the pic  is from a 3UZ  I put into a 928, on the left is early 1990's 1UZ (soarer? ls400?) I picked up to experiment with.

as you  probably already know , 1UZ, 3UZ sumps are interchangeable,



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ROVDriver hasn't logged on in almost a year but I was hoping someone may be able to answer my question.  How did he do his dash like that?  It looks stunning and it's exactly how I'd like mine to look!

Separate alcantara sections stitched all together to complete a whole other level  of material quality and visual niceness. I think his is one of the first dash and consoles to be done this way and in my opinion sets the bar for quality and craftsmanship. I am certainly going to follow his path with this.


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