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Turbo freewheel


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I have a 82 zxt donor car I'm tring to get running and I have a question about the turbo. The car has sat for 10 - 15 years. What should a good turbo feel like? I don't have any decernable end play but...when I reach into the compressor outlet and try to spin the blades it seems stiffer than I expected. It only freewheels about 3/4 a revolution . Is this normal?

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I changed the motor oil with 10W-30 Castrol as soon as I hauled it home. It took me a month to get it running and I probably have a total of 10 minutes run time on it. The second or third time I got it running I let it run at about 1300 rpm for about 5 minutes. Other than that it's been a minute or so at idle while I try to figure my ignition issues.

I have NO gauges (donor dash destroyed) so I'm can't tell what oil pressure is. Mechanical gauge should be here today and once I have that I can run the motor long enough to get it up to temperature.

My Question: Is there anything I can add to the oil to help clear the turbo bearings? We used to use ATF for that sort of thing. I plan to run this oil thru the first high idle warm up and then change it.

Thanks, Bob

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