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With help from friends, I finally had major progress on my Z project today!


Short version:

- Jan 2007: Bought car locally from original owner

- Drove off and on

- Jun 2007: Bought used 3.1L stroker, 3.90 diff, 5-speed trans, header and other related parts (head has turbo injectors and intake has larger throttle body).

- Jan 2009: Sent to Westside Group on Torrance, CA for media blasting to bare metal, rust repair (pans and rails), rubber coat, bumper conversion (MSA fiberglass 240-style) and paint, which is 2004-2008 Infiniti FX Beryllium

- Dec 2009: Sent engine out for rebuild and cam swap from MSA stage 5 (too much for fuel injection) to stage 2. Raised compression to about 9.5:1.

- Jul 2010: Got car back and started attempting to get it running again with stock engine (it had been out for all the work)

- Jul 2010: Got engine back (yeah, it sat at the shop a good while)

- Today, Jan 16, 2011: Pulled stock engine and started prep for stroker!


That's the short version - now to get the 'new' engine in and get weatherstipping, sound deadener and interior together. I'll later be looking at whether I feel 4-piston conversion and maybe rear discs are necessary. The plan is for a fun street car, but it could see the occasional track day. Anyway, I'd meant to start a thread a long time ago and I've found this forum to be a VERY valuable resource, so this is the update, well into the project. A few more details are below and some photos from along the way.


Details to be finished/added: Centerforce PP with stock equivalent disc, old Nissan Motorsport header to be ceramic coated, 3-inch exhaust, old Nissan Motorsport short shifter, carpet kit and door panel material from Too Intense Restoration, some emblems, dash coverlay, etc.


Parts already on the car: ST sway bars, Illumina struts, Eibach springs, 15-inch Konig Rewinds (need to space a little to fit center caps) with 215/55r15, Russell stainless brake lines


Shot from when I bought it:

post-2567-058011500 1295227618_thumb.jpg


In progess:

post-2567-040215700 1295227648_thumb.jpg


In progress (paint done!):

post-2567-041468000 1295227666_thumb.jpg


On its way home:

post-2567-080332800 1295227684_thumb.jpg


Back home in the garage:

post-2567-058226500 1295227697_thumb.jpg


Today (Jan. 16, 2011) after engine pull:

post-2567-073324600 1295227728_thumb.jpg

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No real update except I've been putting some miles on it. I moved across the country and back to SOCAL; so the Z is now a regular at Irvine Cars and Coffee. Anyone else here regularly appear there?


This photographer seems to catch me every week, but, then again, he takes a TON of photos:




Game plan:

1) Keep breaking it in for a while

2) Get hole in floor pan patched - had to cut it out to clear the header

3) Change over to AEM EFI with either MAP sensor or MAF

4) Install interior!


All this starts when there are fewer boxes around the house to unpack.

post-2567-064107500 1341854772_thumb.jpg

post-2567-098012100 1341854939_thumb.jpg

post-2567-040485900 1341854952_thumb.jpg

post-2567-089540900 1341854961_thumb.jpg

post-2567-096376700 1341855674_thumb.jpg

post-2567-026357700 1341855685_thumb.jpg

post-2567-082831600 1341855705_thumb.jpg

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Look, Ma, no AFM!  AEM standalone EFI is installed. Thanks go out to Mitch at MPTuning, who also tuned Rhys Millen's record-setting Pike's Peak car.  We'll get it on the dyno soon for final tuning and to see the results.


(BTW, yes, the project has moved across the country and has survived the birth of our child, thus the slow pace!)


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Where did you get that AFM boot? I've been looking for something to replace my stock one with, since it's all torn up.


Here you go!




That piece is correct for a stock AFM but a 240SX throttle body.  With the removal of the AFM, I just found aluminum piping of the same diamter.  It is reducing from 3-inch at throttle body to 2.75-inch.  I guess I could technically replace the whole thing with larger tubing...we'll see if it's needed. 

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Eh... I'll just measure it :P If you've happen to know though, it'd be nice. I never quite trust myself on purchasing stuff unless it's built for it or I've tried it in person :P

Yes, the stock '75 boot I had was too small to fit the 240SX throttle body, so the stock throttle body must have had a smaller diameter (presumably the same as the AFM?).

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The stock throttle body is bigger than the AFM. Might just work. I'll check measurements later tonight.

This project's been going on so long that I forget some aspects!


I originally was trying to use a lightly modified turbo AFM on this car and that boot was ordered for it.  The turbo AFM has a slightly larger diameter and the boot fit it perfectly.  It's technically a bit too large for the current application, but does clamp down and doesn't leak, from what I can tell.


Long and short of it: If you're mating one to a stock non-turbo AFM, you might consider a slightly smaller diameter on the small end of this reducer, assuming that precise size exists.  Your measurements should catch that, anyway...

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