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Eighth Winter Storm


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If I had snow like that and I knew it would stay like that for a while, I would seriously hollow some of it out and use it as a refrigerator/freezer and unplug the fridge to make up for the power to run the heater.


Or you could go one step further and burrow out a living space and turn off all the power in the house. :P

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Every single storm we have, I clear a path from the house to the woodpile. It's one of the most important paths. Of course the generator in the garage is pretty important too. I am running low on wood but I should have enough to ride out the Winter. I never use the last few days supply. I'll save it for a surprise power outage from surprise ice storms that sneak up as late as April. So far all of my wood has been harvested from my property. If we don't get any trees down this Winter, I may need to buy some wood.

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When I lived in Missouri my parents built our house with a wood stove in it, and we lived a mile or two from a woodmill and we would just go take the scrap wood they had (they said we could have it for free) we would get truckloads and truckloads of Oak,Maple,Sycamore, etc. We never would run out of wood, we would fill 2 sheds to the brim with wood in about a month and it would last for a few years. We did sometimes have to cut the wood down to size but most of it was 4x4" pieces about 12 inches long. Times were good B)

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Eh, if you buy wood pre-split like we do, all you have to do is stack it. IIRC we go through like 4 chords a year? That might not be right. The thing about coal vs wood though is that wood is an easily renewed source whereas coal is gone forever once you burn it, so it's a little greener. Not to come off as a tree hugger (ironically, talking about chopping down trees and burning it), but I see no point in wasting when there is no need to. And then there's the smell...

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NO smell, NO smoke (can't tell it's running). Runs 4 days unattended on Low. VARIABLE OUTPUT, thermostaticaly contolled .

No chimmeny, 2 foot singe wall stack.


The MOST cost effective way to make heat, unless you get your wood for free.


Burns outside air, 0 air infiltration/draft due to stove burning.

1 ton = 200 gallons of oil. currently $155.00 -$275.00 ton, location/vendor dependant.

If you read up on it, YOU WILL WANT ONE!!! :lol:

Going on 5 years of use........

So far this year, I've burned 1.4 tons @ $220.00 per ton...2800 square foot house, only source of heat B)

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I love snow! I like shoveling it too....... :bonk:


You think I'm joking but I'm not.


The first thing I would do if I was your son and told to shovel a path is make a maze in the snow so it takes you an hour to figure out how to get 6 feet to the car. Where you live looks nice, especially with the snow!


Got that wood stove fired up? I bet its real nice. Picturesque to me, really.

x1dges.jpgOH YA! He loves the snow.

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Hey man I ain't trollin', I really do! Lol


We got some good snow here in DFW last night! Started around midnight and went all the way until the morning. Of course here in Little Mexico, nothing is really taken care of so there is lots of ice under the snow that's super slick now.


Just a friendly reminder to all those Texan's that take the weather for granted, check to make sure your antifreeze ratio is enough for these random hard freezes. Typically I mixed mine down to 15-20º protection, my father did too. His radiator split earlier this week when it got below that. Luckily the block and everything is fine though.

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