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Sirpents 260Z / C32 AMG Powered RS30 - Australia

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Been a few weeks, unfortunately illness and waiting for John Lange to finish the custom rear control arms have slowed me down


So moved onto the rear fuel tank fabrication, using the LPG donut tank as the basis


First was chopping 65mm out of the height through the centre aa well as removing the center tube section

Then it was a matter of fabricating a centre rise section to clear the spare wheel well hump


With the modifications, I’ve worked out it should be between 58-60 litres plus another 8-10 in the additional surge tank

All in all so far a perfect fit


See you all next week







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When necessity is the mother of invention

Core of the tank is now complete and can now to move onto all the ancillary pipes and fittings


I’m having an alloy surge tank fabricated to sit inside one of the storage bins then route fuel and vapor lines between the 2 within an enclosed alloy conduit

An alloy bolt down lid will be made for the main tank where I’ve provisioned the access hatch and on which the pump filter etc will hang off for the main tank


I still have to weld in a filler neck and breather to the main tank to the vapor tank also


Then finally a round alloy plate will go over the top of the tank to seal it off from the interior and meet certification requirements










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1 hour ago, 1969honda said:

Love the use of a hub and old brake rotor. Very keen to see the finished tank, looks very unique and functional; also sounds like a great use of the storage bin space!


Thanks Buddy

We are all a bit insane to have started these projects so no holds on how we accomplish the result I say ;)

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