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Pallnet ID like to Get one of your rails, the #1 rail, being I still have stock style injectors. I also want to run AN fittings just as you did.. I dont know if it makes a difference not familiar with the thread pitches... Also I Am not going to run a cold start injector, so if you could make the rail with out the cold start injector port that would be great but if not thats ok too. Im assuming you only accept pay pal? please get back to me asap. I plan to order at least one this weekend. Thank you.

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UPDATE: I will be shipping a fist full of orders that were placed recently, I'm dropping them off at the shipper on Monday morning.   Here are a few pics of a special project that I'

Contacted him via facebook and he responded almost immediately. Would recommend this route if you still can't reach him.  Brad

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Send me an email and will reply as soon as I see it.


Everyone else:

If you placed an order in the past week and a half just sit tight. I honestly wasn't ready for such a large number of orders at the same time so I ran short on fittings. My supplier said they should be here for this weekend so the held up orders should go out early this coming week.




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pallnet I just resently purchased a 73 240z project car that is mostly in pieces and ive been slowly puting it together not knowing much about car and trying to learn as i go.I got to the intake manifold and behold i found the previous owner had purchased one of your rails. no im just wondering how to tell if its a barbed rail and i just havent found the barbs amongst the parts yet or if its an O-ring rail, how do i tell the difference?

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Any word on the Supra Injector o-ring kits?


Also, do you have, or know of factory style holders/retainers that will work with a stock Z manifold and 440cc Supra injectors? I'm talking about the black plastic piece that bolts to the manifold and holds the injectors in place. I know the rail does the job, but I would prefer to have the extra insurance just in case (besides, it looks like something is missing without them). Thanks!

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Good morning...


I sent you an email on Saturday morning and thought I would also try posting here.


I have read so many good reviews of your product for the Datsun L motors.


I need some guidance from you if possible...


I have a stock 1976 Datsun 280z with about 45k miles on a rebuild that I purchased about a year ago. Since purchasing I have replaced all hoses with new silicone hoses, cleaned and replaced all electrical connections, etc...


I have no knowledge of the history of the injectors/rails and am interested in replacing.


My goal is a dependable, responsive daily driver...not planning to build a high performance auto cross vehicle.


Which of you rail setups would you recommend? I like your setup that includes the inline fuel pressure gauge. Which is easier to install the barbed or the o-ring rail. Also can you recommend which injector to use with your recommended rail setup?


And lastly, price and availability...






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