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matte white S130 turbo

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Like wis yesin!

I'm bring my 280zxt also ill be getting off work at 6pm then heading right over to the meet (won't have the ZXs vinal or wheels by Friday).


Will keep updates as things progress.


I *really* want to bring my ZXT but will not have enough time to race home after work and then head to the show...sadly...so I will be rocking my ole skool 323 Turbo.

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The vinal will be here this week.


But my dad wants my 280zxt for a LS2 & T56 project. The car at this point is still getting the matte white v, but he may decide to paint it.(he has the equipment and now how to do him self)


On a side not I just picked up a 70 240z shell (missing motor,finders, dash, & hatch) so I may order or use the 3M on this new S30. Swapping the L28et platform from my 280zxt (motor,MS2,gauges, ignition & fuel system) over to this early 240z.


Car is 90% rust from and been staged primed, & and I'm on a budget so a vinal wrap may be in the cards.

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