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1973 Datsun 240Z for sale (SEATTLE, WA) very clean 3.1 stroker/Mikunis $9500

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I just donated to the site so I'm hoping it shows up and this post doesn't get deleted.




I would keep this car but a recently (costly) engine rebuild for my Porsche 911 is forcing me to sell. Plus I don't drive this car enough...it needs to be driven.






1973 Datsun 240Z

119,000 miles

-Full receipts from the 80s (large folder filled with receipts)

-All recent service done at Z Sport in Everett, WA

-Full restoration done in the 90s

-New front windshield, water pump, suspension, alternator, master cylinder, etc...




-New paint. Shaved trim, emblems, etc..

-280Z block

-280Z rear end

-3.1 stroker kit

-triple 44mm Mikuni carbs with Mikuni manifold

-MSA header

-custom exhaust with titanium JIC Racing muffler

-280Z 5 speed transmission (no grinds)

-Custom adjustable coilovers with shortened bodies (Tokico Illimuna with Hypercoil threaded springs)

-Cusco front/rear strut braces

-Nardi Steering wheel but have original

-carbon fiber bumpers and BRE style wing

-Enkei 92 wheels with new tires (less than 1000 miles)


Lots of new parts in boxes...Suspension Techniques front/rear swaybars, Suspension Techniques Master Bushing kit, etc..


I've had the car up on a rack at a Z shop and they couldn't/find see any rust.




-crack in top of dashboard

-needs new driver/passenger footwell carpet (starting to fall apart because it's old)

-some chips in the engine bay and around rear hatch (inside) that need touching up

-e brake needs adjusting

-some minor TLC (it's still an old car)


Car runs and drives great...starts up every time.



Looking on NADA it's...

Low = $7,250

Retail Average = $11,675

Retail High = $20,150



$9500 but negotiable. Again, no trades or overseas buyers.
























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The rear end is an R200. No idea on the 5 speed ratios...is there a place to check on the transmission?


As for no overseas...I might be flexible on that. I copied/pasted this post from my craigslist ad because you tend to get a lot of people from random areas offering you checks from their brother that's a prince and promising a bigger installment later if I ship the car to Nigeria. Just didn't want to deal with that.

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Sorry guys, been really busy lately. Yes, the car is still for sale. I had a few serious buyers but for one reason or another it didn't go through (usually financial issues).


Yeah, that's my car in youtube link above when it had Longchamps....I miss those wheels so much. It took me forever to find a set. One day I got really lucky and was able to get internet access while in Iraq (I was in the Marine infantry in a bad area and it was rare we got visit a nice base). I found the wheels for sale, called home on a satellite phone to my parents, and they were able to buy it from the seller for me (I sent my parents a check later). Probably one of the craziest transactions I've made yet. haha


A lot of the work was done at Z Sport (coilovers, tune-up, various engine work) but the actual stroker motor was built in a local shop in Seattle that's no longer around. The 3.1 only has around 3000-5000 or so miles on it.


I'm in Bothell/Kenmore (North Seattle).

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Guest datsunzdriver

im in Ca i could fly there to pick it up would it make it back to socal?

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