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78 280Z LS3 Project

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haha, so you are the staggering drunk that will call and be long winded?  No wonder they are taking their time ;)


I can see the level of thoroughness you are doing and I think it is best left to the professionals.  I would have a hard time driving your car once its done as it is going to be MINT.

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I know right,


I'm still waiting to take the car to the fab shop to have my brake, fuel and nitrous tubing installed. These guys are really busy and just can't seem to get me in there, I call them every week so they don't forget that I'm waiting on them. I have called around to others like Powerfab, 3D performance etc.. and they don't want to do it. The problem is the double flare on the stainless tubing for the brake lines. As soon as I mention that they all say the same thing. NO because doing double flare on stainless is a PITA. I can't install the motor until I get that done so now I'm at a standstill. Hopefully I can get the car to the fab shop in the next 2 weeks but I have been saying that for over 2 months now.


In the mean time I have been doing little things like running a tap down every threaded hole to get the primer and paint out of there. I was surprised how long that takes. I also went through the blower motor assembly and refurbished it. I may install my door panels this weekend but really for the most part I'm done for now.

Send me those brake lines and I'll flare them for you, seriously if you can get them here I'll flare them for you. Or, message me and I'll let you know what flare tool to buy. There is a much better hydraulic tool available that does a cleaner job. Are they 3/16" (-3) lines?


Nice work BTW, car is looking great.

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LOL, I try not to call them after drinking Stock car Mafia or they would not deal with me at all since I may loose my cool after all the delays.



Thanks for the offer jpndave. You are right it's 3/16" tubing using the metric fittings. The thing is I bought a roll of 25 feet of tubing, so it needs to be straighten, and cut to fit before it gets flared. I want to run it side by side with the nitrous and fuel tubing and have some aluminum brackets made to hold the lines together.


If this keeps delaying I may talk to Powerfab about doing everything and sending the lines to you to have them flared. I will PM you about pricing if they agree to do that. Thanks again for the offer and the compliment about the car.

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I hear you, I wanted to take it to the TX2K event this month but that's not going to happen. I will be at the event supporting my friends but my car won't be there. One bit of good news is I finally was able to take it to the Fab shop in order for them to get this thing to the point I can drop the motor in.


I decided to have them make me another fuel tank but out of stainless this time so that's going to take a little longer. The aluminum tank just not looked like it belonged with the rest of the car. I just heard from Centech wiring and they are shipping me my fuse panel and wiring harness today so we will see how it looks when I get it next week.

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Re lower boot....I ended up buying a piece of neoprene. I cut to approximate size cut a small square hole in appropriate spot and put it carefully over the mgw shifter.

I used the origional bracket to hold it down. I cut a 2 inch section out of the bracket cuz the mgw needed a little more space on drivers side. I used razor to trim around edge after mounting.

I ended up making 2 layers for better insulation so thickness about a quarter inch thick . It worked out really well. And looks clean, not that anyone would see it.

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After 4 months in Fab Shop jail I finally got my car back home. I had part of the exhaust done, Nitrous and Fuel line tubing fitted as well as the Brake line tubing done. I should be able to install the motor with the help of some fellow Hybrid Z members next Saturday if everything goes well. Here are some pictures of the exhaust, I will post some pictures of the lines tomorrow.







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