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coilover 8 inch spring?

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The main difference is that the 10" spring has more travel, this is important with lighter spring rates. When you go stiffer you can go shorter on the spring and not run out of travel. You can look at Eibach's website and see what the total travel of the spring is. Most people with coilovers lower their car to the point where coil binding an 8" 300 lb spring is not going to be an issue. You'll hit the bumpstop first. The smaller spring has the added benefit of not bending as much as it compresses, and it's lighter.

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if and when you guys look up the travel distance of the 8'' springs will you post that up?


also, i have 280f and 336 rear spring rate and it is almost unbearable on bumps. on the freeway it bucks and porpuses and the whole car will jump off the ground if im going fast enouph and hit a good bump, like a bridge to freeway transfer. no fun

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