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which engine for the track


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I'm currently doing the 2JZGTTE swap in my 260z on stock twins and its a pretty fun little car, I've spent 8 so far, some of which has gone to my friends for helping me so much with fabrication, but the car screams!



I know you said you're from out of the U.S. so RB parts may be more prevalent, but the 2J parts are easy to come by (for me atleast) and pretty damn cheap, not to mention alot of them can be interchanged with 1J parts. If you've got the money, I heard there's some 2J Bottom, 1J head thing you can do that makes for a pretty sweet combo. 2J all the way :)



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Too bad you don't like RB's. If I had a 20k budget I'd look into a RB30det. RIPS has a sick rb30 powered s30 in New Zealand.


Other than that, a KA24de will not hold the power you're looking for without a forged bottom end. The pistons in ka's don't like boost...


A SR20det block can hold about 400-450rwhp before it should be sleeved for reliability.


If you're gonna do a rotary, why not do a 4 rotor? Idk about prices in regards to rotory motors though...

From what I've read you bolt the 4 housings together, but need a 4 rotor chankshaft... though with the custom parts it may be over budget.


When you say "track" is it a circuit track, or a dragstrip? The application obviously makes a difference

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