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280Zx Auxillary Cooling Fan

Posted by 813492, 19 January 2010 · 1447 views

Has anyone installed an 280ZX Auxillary Cooling Fan in a 240Z. How do you make this work. I have the auxillary cooling fan and the fan timer. Just need to know how to connect this unit so that it runs when the car is switched off.

it is triggered by a sensor in the waterneck. I thimk it is run thru a timer so it runs for about 10 min when car is off
seems to me it should be controlled via a thermostat rather than a timer.. which is it? If it is controlled by a timer I would modify it to use a thermometer simply because it takes forever to warm up my car in the winter.
The simplest way is to use a thermostatically controleed unit. Two types available at most parts suppliers. A fan controller with a thermostatic bulb that goes between the cooling fins in the radiator which comes with a temperature adjustment knob on the control box or a controller that comes with a sensor you can mount in the water passage of the intake manifold where your temp guage sensor goes. You can tee into the water port there keeping your temp guage sender intact. I use the bulb type in all 3 of my z's. Easiest and quickest to install. Half hour or less if your mechanically inclined, hour if your a shady tree.
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