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    an LS is also vastly more expensive then a traditional 350 swap. He should do whatever he wants to do.
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    Thanks for your quick reply. Will check the dash harness first before proceeding to the tank.
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    I would start by checking the fuses. The only reason I can think of for circuits going out like that is a loose connection or a loose +12V wire causing a short which would blow a fuse. If you still have the glass type fuses they are super easy to check with a multimeter. Good luck
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    I am. Currently about 12 sets left. I plan on making more if there is a demand.
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    Just thought I would post up the results of my quest for wide fender flares that suited my taste and budget. After a long search I thought I would go with Fiberglass Mafia Z-Speed Flares, but once I got them I decided I wanted more flare on the rear side and less on the front. I finally figured out if I purchase another set I could take the front part of the rear flares of the extra set and graft them onto the rear part of the front flares of the original set, and the front part of the front flares of the extra set and graft them onto the rear part of the rear flares of the original set. Confused yet? Hopefully the images will help. It took much more work than I originally expected, but am very happy with the results.
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    Yeah I'm going to flip this 280z and thought while I have it, I (Could) do the swap, but it sounds like it's not worth the hassle. I dont plan on changing out the original L24 in my 71 only adding triple webbers..Should be fine, and yeah more weight would not help any. I didnt realize I needed to change the mustache bar and all that. I do like the idea of the limited slip from a LSD. But for now think I will just keep the original rear end. Thanks fellas.
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    this gets better and better.... you can run a 1350 u joint yoke directly without any adapters.
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    We made it to JCCS, Fam
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    Not sure mild is the word I’d use for this summer. Triple digits most days on our side of town. 😳 Been building backyard structures when I could stand to work outside. Love to take the VR to some events, but she’s still not ready. Plan is to finish my retaining wall this fall, stop working part time and spend my time finishing the car and watching our grandson👍
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