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  3. It looks like gaps on either side of the valve at 35%. At 0% there is a gap on the right but none on the left. It looks defective to me.
  4. Home Built by Jeff

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I have spent the last week sweating it out in the heat fitting seatbelts and reassembling the doors.
  5. softopz

    Megasquirt 2 Sensor Monitoring

    You can get GPS speed via the tablet sensor, Oil pressure would need a sensor to MS2 which is doable.
  6. Hey 75280z, You can purchase Door Upper Molding Rubber Seal from here: https://zcarsource.com/door-upper-molding-rubber-seal-240z-260z-280z-70-78-new
  7. Ereschkigal

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Dustcovers are not mandatory but if your place doesn't like it, there is nothing you can do...
  8. 75280z

    Aaron 75280z 1975 280zt

    The video is pretty long sorry. I replaced the door handle, replace the inner fuzzy sill piece, adjust the angle of the upper window frame, add sound deadener, make a new moisture barrier from a shower curtain, and replace the clips on the door panel. .
  9. Hey I have been doing similar work on my Z, where did you get the rubber that you installed on the outer portion of the window? I would like to do this on mine as well.
  10. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    An example of what to avoid... the "AC" axles. It'll be on the tag, but this seller put it on the shaft as well.
  11. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Did some digging online. The left hand axle that ends with "BC" is for the v8. The one that ends in "ac" is for the weaker ecoboost. Ending in "38-BC" is right hand, and "39-BC" is left hand.
  12. I'm looking for the aftermarket center piece panel that goes between the tail lights on the 280ZX. To be specific the 82-83 years models with the black stripes/bars that goes across the lens. Also known as the third brake light or center tail light. Has "280ZX" written on the lower red lens.
  13. Invincibleextremes

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    Went digging in the junkyard today with the CV spider in my pocket. Turns out the 02 explorer has the same diameter shaft ends... but courser splines. The good news is its a solid heat treated shaft and its the same thickness its whole length, necking down only for the splines. I also called moser and talked to them about sending in a core shaft and paying for two pairs of CV axle spline service and they're happy to do it so long as they look everything over and it seams like it works. Cutting the heat treating off the hollow shafts just wasn't sitting well with me. I also discovered that the two left shafts are different on the ends in diameter and one had a slightly smaller cv joint pair... I'm guessing i got one v8 shaft and the other from a v6 car. Both are splined the same into the housing and at the hubs... but one is stronger than the other with bigger cv joints. The left and right v8 shaft have the same size cv joints... its just the spare left shaft had some differences. Going back to the junkyard tomorrow to compare my cv joint to the explorer outer cv. If they are the same internally i plan on building a hybrid cv. But if they're different I'll pay for 2 pairs of spline service and know that I'll never have to worry about the strength of those shafts...
  14. zedsn

    Brake reservoir

    If you are talking about the plastic cylinders that is on the brake master I believe that I have both. You can email me at zedsn@hotmail.com and I will look.
  15. Yesterday
  16. It's driven from the megasquirt and behaving as it should. At 0% duty cycle, its slightly open. At 35% duty cycle, its fully closed. At 100% duty cycle, its fully open. The 0% slightly open mode is a fail safe mode. This thread shows the expected behavior of the valve. Here is my valve, as you can see at 35% duty cycle, its closed. But it seems to not actually be sealing shut.
  17. jkelly

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    Yes, I do still have them. PM me if interested.
  18. You're jumping around from idea to idea. Follow the power from the battery to the pump. Come back and post where you last saw voltage. The "Ign" fusible link then pin 93 of the fuel pump relay are your first two spots to check.
  19. PM Sent Re Drivers Headlight housing.
  20. I think I did that but with the feed wire still in the solenoid. Behind the passeger seat I found the connectors of the fuel pummp .i attached the multimeter and when I start it I got 0 voltage
  21. rossman

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    Seam sealed both floor pan weld joints with 3M Urethane Seam Sealer. Used a trimmed acid brush to goop on the sticky, messy, stuff. Next up will be painting the pans with POR 15 black. I don't care too much about how it looks as this all will be covered with carpet.
  22. Here's what he says, I hope doesn't mind the re-post. He seems knowledgeable and quick to respond, that's two ++ already. Yes, but you'll also need one of our voltage boosters to drive the tacho (see our listing# 142171581596). Tachos on all pre-300 Z's were back-EMF types that needed the "spike" from a coil discharge to trigger. The 12V square wave from this BTA adaptor won't drive them, so you'll need to add the BTAC2 booster on the adaptor's output. The adaptor and booster can mount together and share the same power and ground (most of our customers use piggyback fastons). For an HEI distributor, you'll probably also want a filtering resistor (free, but you'll need to request one with purchase). Lastly, since the tacho has been out of use, we recommend you test it first to make sure it's working. If the HEI is an OEM type, the HEI tach output should trigger it (albeit with a wrong reading), since OEM HEI outputs use an internal connection to coil-negative. If it's an aftermarket HEI with digital output, you can test using a different vehicle with an external coil by jumpering signal and ground between the vehicles. We do bundle shipping, just pay full postage at checkout and we'll refund the excess to your PayPal when the items ship. In this case you'll pay $10.50 with $3.50 refunded. Thanks for your interest!Best Regards,Gene K
  23. jkelly

    86.5mm L28 piston rings

    Does anyone have a source for 86.5mm piston rings for L28 flat tops? I can find them for 280zx pistons (not sure of the difference) but not my L28 flat tops with a 0.5mm over bore.
  24. -unplugging the 6-wire connector for the turn signal switch did not remove the "extra" power from the headlight plug -grounding the red/black wire on the harness side did not enable low beams in the "on" position -grounding the red/white wire on the harness side DID enable lights in the "high beam" position, but when I unplugged a headlight to check the voltage, it's only getting 10V on the high connection. My stock lights come on with this (not super bright), but the new LED lights don't of course because they need 12V As best I can tell, this is how the lights behaved when I first got the car and had it running (limping) on the stock engine. Headlights did not come on in the low beam position, came on but weren't very bright in the high beam position. That makes me feel a little better about having not fucked things up more when I ripped the engine out. So this means... there's some issue with the ground loop connections? Not sure how to diagnose further.
  25. Tito, If you disconnect feed wire to the solenoid of the starter motor (so it does not start if you turn ignition to starts), and remove the left side block connector (88c, 86,88a,86b,88b) from the fuel injection relais, and turn the ignition to "start" (keep it on start), and measure the voltage on the fuel pump terminals, what do you measure (not really easy to do, and extra hands help here)? & did you check all the circuits from the icu (see page 45 onward, http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/efisystem/280zfuelinjectionbook.pdf)? Greetz Joost
  26. blu240z

    Brake reservoir

    Looking for brake reservoirs 70-78z
  27. Yes. Those will work. When in doubt, call a tech at Summit Racing.
  28. Dadddio

    Patton Machine EFI

    Still need to get a new fuel map done. Starts every time, love it. I had a spare set of 3 screws that I used. Pulled my 3 screws and got em in a box. They had recently been rebuilt by Z-Therapy so didn't want mess with em.
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