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  2. The door hinges for both Left and Right sides were top coated with Polyurethane paint. Shop Tip- Removing and Installing a 240Z hood by yourself Place a Plywood on top of the Left and Right fenders. Put hood in the closed position. Put card board or padded mat under plywood to prevent scratching the paint. Raise hood to open position. Loosen all four hood bolts but do not remove. Remove both hood front bolts. Now tilt the rear of the hood downward till the hood contacts the plywood. Then remove the rear hood bolts as the hinge and plywood will support the weight of the hood. The hood can be lifted off from either side of the car. Hood installation will be the reverse procedure. The next thing to do to spraying Raptor Liner in the fender and wheel wells. This Raptor liner was the 2 bottle kit with Liner, hardener and color toner.. This kit costs about $100 including freight on Ebay. Masking the hood to prevent overspray going all over the place. The interior sides of the hood and fenders were sanded with 150 grit sand paper then wipe down with paint prep solution. view of Left side Wheel Well Housing afterspraying. Right side Wheel Well Housing after spraying Liner Right side fender interior view Inside Right Door view Closeup view of the Raptor Liner on Wheel Hosing Inside Right Fender Note- Liner even covers patch area. Left side Wheel Well Housing The Raptor Liner can be applied by hand roller or sprayed. A Schutz gun is most commonly used to apply the liner. HLVP spray gun with 2.0 nozzle can be used if liner is reduced by 20%. This method would provide a smoother finish( not as rough}. After one hour, the liner is dry to touch. It, however. takes a full week to completely cure.
  3. Definitely not car related! But this is a project that I've been working on, well off and on, for the past year and a half or so. Douglas Fir top, steel legs, an old growth fir beam and 3D printed plastic feet. The only part I didn't do myself was rolling the 3/8" x 5" steel. A project I'm really proud of, even if it isn't as "perfect" as I wanted it to be, very few people would pick up on those issues I see. Intended to be a piece that gets passed down to my kids, and hopefully theirs as well. Check out my video below, and if this kind of thing is interesting to you, or entertains you, please show it with a comment or like!
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  5. Prince

    3000GT Motor swap

    I had the same idea. I have a 3000gt sl that i want to 2j swap. In my opinion it wouldn’t be much work besides fabrication and tuning. I started thinking about cars that come stock with the 2j. I looked at the is300 gs300 and sc300. All are rear wheel drive. With that being said I was thinking you could just find a cheap one of the 3 maybe got in a wreck or no title. Then bam. You have a full drive train motor mounts and scrap metal to use. The al is just a fwd vr4 without the turbos. Exact same frame. Which means if you put it on a lift and look under the car you have a tunnel for a axel and a rear end. I wanna hear some feedback. Maybe I missed something or there are flaws in the thinking process. Every comment helps. Thanks
  6. Well looking forward to finding out! Perhaps an Ecotec? I'll PM you my number.
  7. I was a bit surprised at the number of Teslas present. We ended up working the course at the same spot as a couple in a Tesla. I'd love to turn up Wednesday actually for Wednesday Night Drags, just to put a time down but not sure I can swing that this week. If so I'll have to dig around to see if I still have a number to reach you at. Oh, and that's a nope on the radiator. In the ballpark at least, but no.
  8. Try starting the car with the wire to the oil pressure sensor disconnected from the sensor and observe the oil pressure gauge. With the engine running and the wire removed from the sensor what does oil pressure gauge do?
  9. Block has been sold everything else still available
  10. I got some other input and the camshaft must have moved backwards during shipping and is sticking out the back where is should be flush. I should be able to tap it forward with a rubber mallet and move it back to where it belongs. Why are we changing the head? Someone who owned it before us broke an exhaust manifold bolt in the head. We tried to drill it out ourselves and were not successful. camaro-guy
  11. Last week
  12. Not the most knowledgeable about Datsuns like some others are here. But I believe the heads for the Z are interchangeable, with same sprocket used from 70-83. The head you took off, the cam retainer plate bolts are loose and let the cam walk. The new head, the cam is retained properly. Are the lobs centered on the old head or are they offset, showing the cam has pushed towards the front? Why are you changing the head?
  13. My son and I bought a rebuilt n42 head. We have replaced the head, but when we went to install the cam sprocket, we noticed the end of the cam is different. The first Pic is a pic of the head we took off and the second is of the head we put on the car. The place where the sprocket mounts is different. Got any ideas on how we should tackle this problem? camaro-guy
  14. Very interesting input. Sadly I have not dynoed my 3.0 motor. Very interesting, my misfire was around the exact same RPM range. This is definitely something to look into since you have a large torque drop at the same RPM. I am currently rebuilding my MSD unit with a few of my friends. I was told, that it might NOT be my failed MSD that was causing my misfire, rather an electronic noise issue or odd frequencies. Personally I would love to test the MSD box for high speed triggering and see if there is a drop off or maybe a timing delay in the system. If only I had access to my old college electrics class equipment. So far things I am planning to rule out and test 1. Bad capacitors in my MSD unit (currently dissecting) 2. Electronic noise/interference (solved with either capacitor or resistor or a high pass or low pass filter) 3. MSD timing delay, so maybe there is an input out put delay from the trigger and box (simple fix advance timing more/high risk of detonation) I do know that MSD had a special box that will delay the spark a little in the case of high boost or nitrous, and that box is meant to retard timing.
  15. Sorry, it’s been a while since I updated this...it is progressing slowly. I picked up a Garrett GTX3076 gen 2 turbo then I fabricated my 3” exhaust from 304SS, lots of cuts and welds but all in all I’m pleased. Next was to tackle in intake side. I decided to go DBW so I picked up a Bosch DBW throttle body, Mishimoto intercooler and associated clamps and tubing. Never welded aluminum before but with a couple hours practice it was game on. Fabricated the intake charge tubes so now my intake and exhaust are complete and ready to be shelved until body restoration is complete. Currently working on cleaning up the OEM 280 harness by removing unnecessary wires while also designing my EFI harness for the RB25 integration.
  16. Go back to the link. Look thru the manual for your year until you get to the Body Electrical - Wiper section. It has wiring diagrams, a connection diagram, and what color wires do what. Pages BE-15 to BE-17. The below colors for the wires look the same for the connector at the combo switch. So you need power and ground for the motor to work and the switch connected to low to have it actually operate the wiper motor. At firewall connector Blue/Red - Power Black - Ground Blue/White - To relay Blue - Low Speed Blue/Yellow - High Speed
  17. Nice, glad you made it! Trekkor and crew always run a great event. A few of my coworkers went (the silver S2000 in the background of your photo and the other in a Model 3). I'll be running at Sonoma Drift for the first time this coming Wednesday, in case you or @stupid_fast plan to be there. Gonna guess that radiator is from an LSx vehicle.
  18. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t translate the diagrams to a practical connection not using the the stock wiper stalk. I was hoping someone knew which wire does what. I had it working at one point but did some rewiring.
  19. Nice, my setup is very similar, engine and suspension-wise.
  20. Sure thing. You can message me through the Jatco shift kit fb group, or post your PayPal address and I can send a request. Have to post another one to the US shortly anyway.
  21. Wow it’s been a while, but here is a quick update on the 260. My my dad is currently in position and has been for a year now and loves the car. There is the current set up. Engine: L28et- stock oil pan to cam Ported 76 intake ceramic coated Custom heat shield intake/turbo Thermal Zero turbo blanket Thermal Zero aluminized heat wrap on all intercooler, and intake piping Weber throttle body Palnet fuel rail 440cc injectors EBay FMIC Turbosmart BOV Turbosmart internal wastegate AGP T3T4 H-Trim turbo @16.5 psi Inovate SG-1 boost control MSD box, & coil Ngk plugs Taylor 409 wires DW 250 fuel pump Aeromotive FRP 2.5 aero exhaust Champion 3 row radiator Dearell 16 row trans cooler Nistune ecu Great tune by simtecmotorsports Still rocking the Auto trans Interior: All carpet & sound deadening striped 350Z seats NRG steering wheel Boss hub NRG 4 point harness T3 C pillar brace Auto meter boost,water temp, oil pressure gauges Innovate SCG1 boost control MAX tow fuel pressure gauge Suspension: Enegery suspension poly bushing kit KYB 5 way shocked KYB lowering springs ST sway bars MSA strut bars Wheels & Tires Panasport 15x7 wheels with Zero offers Kumho 225/50/15 tires
  22. Kits still available? Would like to buy 2 please in Texas we do love our drag racing
  23. That is pretty neat ha, I already have my other surge tank installed but that is an interesting concept to try out in the future! I do plan on racing. Thanks for the input, this is what I was wondering about! I did talk to another user on here (wrcbonk) and he used the stock return line for the venting canister as his fuel return. That has a much bigger diameter, so I think I'll try that out! If that doesn't work, then I'll try out your solution as it is preferable to draining the tank, drilling a hole for the adapter I referenced, and then cleaning the shards out ha.
  24. That's exactly what I was wondering. Did you just block off the 1/4 original return line? As far as the Vent line you left behind, did you just run a line out the top and underneath to the back of the car so you don't get fumed out? I plan on also using the stock outlet to supply my ST. I believe I can visualize what you're talking about without photos, thank you so much!
  25. Interested in the Ross pistons. Is the pin height for L28 or for a stroker setup?
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