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  2. Hello Hybridz, I have few LD28 engines laying around with LD28 V07 crankshafts. Asking 1000usd including shipping, but excluding possible import taxes/fees. Shipping from EU. Payments with Paypal.
  3. 280z 27 Spline Stub Axles removed from a 75. Peening carefully removed from the nuts, to not gouge the threads when removed. $195 shipped or local pick up in Orlando is $175.
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  5. I enjoy watching all the videos I can as it gives me enjoyment and motivation to keep on with my never ending project. Keep the videos coming....
  6. Hello, I had read somewhere about the sensor wires possibly being switched. Tried swapping them with no effect on the "Not RPM Synced" syndrome. I had a buddy that is well versed in MS and TS check out my setting in TS highly confident that all is good . Was able to check spark again by pulling the plug on cyl 1, grounding it to the engine, and then cranking it. good spark and it was timed with compression stroke . With the plug out I was able to see the spark and feel the compression. Seemed very reasonable. Next I reinstalled the plug for cyl 1. Since I had spark we decided to try starting fluid sprayed in intake. Like Magic She RAN! Not well but ran. EDIS and MS are not talking! How? very excited that is runs with some help from a little Either. This means that the EDIS is Functioning, ie timing is somewhat close and the sensor is working. right???? Very perplexed about the non communication issue.
  7. Made some more progress on the exhaust today. Some of my welds started to look better. Some did not. Should be finished this weekend for sure. What kind of welding table do people use when the exhaust sticks out 4’ One direction and 2.5’ perpendicular to that? I suppose they can weld pretty at any angle standing on their head. I can’t. I did do all my welds today without dipping my tungsten in the weld and that was nice. .
  8. Yesterday
  9. you said : No dice! We checked for spark and we have it. In Tuner Studio the only alert that I see is "Not RPM Synced" Im guessing that means MS is not getting a Tach Signal from EDIS? how did you checked spark, if you don't get tach signal ? Lazeum is right, test inversion of sensor, it could work . Are you sure the basics are right in TS ? good luck with EDIS , i switched to wasted cops and IGBT 's , i could not get good sparks with EDIS 6 but it was my fault (may be) ?
  10. Stupid idea but are you sure you haven't mixed up the 2 wires from the crankshaft sensor? This is a very common mistake (I did it myself)
  11. Just wondering if you ever sold the axles. I have a few cheaper options I just looking to narrowthem down.
  12. Have you sold the axle don't see a sold yet?
  13. Good news. My bodyshop guy is back at work with my car. First he welded back the sandblasted rea bumper mounting brackets: Then the inside of the trunk floor got sanded and painted with rust protection: Before the rear lower valance got fitted and welded back in blacke. Finally i got a rear end again. Wow ❤️ Next week the spare tire wheel well should go back in, before work on the left rear quarter starts This should go faster compared to the left side, since i have a complete NOS quarter panel and it doesn't have a fuel filler neck
  14. i know its not what your looking for but i dont care, i dont have facebook to get 5 seconds of glory 😁. i have go pro camera video from watkins glen and at the drag strip but im too amateur to figure out how to upload those while on lunch at work. i like your videos and hope to see more from you and others. IMG_0867.MOV 8-7-16 003.mp4
  15. I think I need this set up in my car = 1976 280z just over 500hp sbc tci700r4 …. I live over in Vancouver WA.. looks like you are close to us.... very interested . I am running r200 /zxt axles /Arizona Z mounts/ Daves wilwood brake set up . I always worry I am going to break this set up … on street tires so far its held up but I don't torture it ,or abuse it to bad ….a picture of the car at beaches car show behind the band stage held every Wednesday night from June threw September largest car show held weekly on the west coast ,usually from 1200 - 2300 cars are there .. I even got lucky ,and my car was picked as a winner at one of the bigger shows with 1700 cars , they almost never pick a made in japan car Ha ! Ha ! so that was pretty cool..
  16. Thinking about this more - I suppose the lower backspacing on the front (given the same wheel size) actually staggers the setup to front? Think this can be offset by running narrower tires up front - like 225/235? Thanks so far for the input!
  17. Geez I have plenty of current Z action and seriously good videos, proper circuit racing on another level to the kid stuff on public roads. Surely sort of serious amateur race videos are not going on to Faecesbook for look at me five second glory snaps. Anyway I'm not going to post any more videos here unless there are others to watch, perhaps I'm one of the few who is interested in other's GOOD properly edited videos and not just my own?
  18. Almost forgot! no, no tach reading during cranking.
  19. Ok, So I double and triple checked how the PIP and SAW signal wires are hooked up to MS. It all looks like its connected as described according to EDIS-6 wiring diagram and a relay board connection diagram. The grey wire with orange stripe (position one on EDIS connector) is connected to position labeled Tach ( 15th from the left on relay board) . This should Be PIP. Pink wire (3rd down on EDIS connector) is connected to poston labeled S5 (11th from left on relay board). This should be SAW. Pin 36 on DB-37 to MS. Will it fry anything if I swap the two wires in question? Im assuming not since they are signal wires?! I am dying to try!!! I think its very close to being hooked up right!
  20. Looking forward to seeing the progress and more videos.
  21. From their site (typo and all): "Front and rear mounting faces are in the exact same postion as the factory 240Z so no special offsets are required to run these."
  22. I thought the T3 hubs had less offset than the azc, but tyler said they will put the wheel in the same place. otherwise i could run more lip.
  23. You'll be fine on the frame. There's a lot of suspension arms and sway bar to run into before you hit the body of the car, and even those are tricky to hit. I had wheels in almost the exact same spec (mine were 15x10 4.5"BS and 15x11 5"BS). Only reason it works was I used a quick steer knuckle, bringing the tie-rod closer to the hub and more inboard.
  24. jhm, I'm running coilovers currently. Ben - that makes sense -w- the steering knuckle. So seems its probably a clearance thing.
  25. Last week
  26. What suspension are you running?? These kinds of wheel widths/backspacings will have significant interference with the stock strut spring perches. I also suspect those wheels & tires will have intereference issues with the frame rails on the front at full lock.
  27. A 15x10 -25 in the front will hit the steering knuckle ball joint. Even a -38 comes close.
  28. So, Lots and lots of badly repaired areas have been revealed by the dual media blasting process, not quite what I was expecting. Its all going to be repaired though and the car will be left mint. This is how she sits, parts are on their way and work should continue in January sometime.
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