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  2. 10-4-2022 UPDATE: A full day in the garage doing wiring. Got the headlights working correctly, blinkers good, brake lights seem ok, parking lights and gauge lights not working....they were working earlier, now they are not. 🙁 Endless chasing! I had to run a new power wire to the solenoid to bypass the hiccups of auto trans start protection relays that no longer work right. Closer and closer! 🙂 The carbs are great! Maybe a tad rich at high RPM's, but engine starts just bumping the key!
  3. I scoured the internet, and have even been in touch with the gurus who have been doing radio repair for a long time. Until now, there hasn't been any good circuit guides made available for the Hitachi KM-1520ZC that I'm aware of. I took a chance on an eBay purchase of a 1972 KM-1520H radio manual (made for cars from Detroit, apparently) and it paid off. The circuit appears identical - at least as far as my amateur self got into it to identify a problematic trace in my own stereo. The faceplate seems to be the main difference between the models. I'd be interested to see if anyone else identifies any other differences. I scanned and processed it, hopefully someone can find it helpful at some point as I did. https://objects-us-east-1.dream.io/dox/KM-1520H.pdf
  4. Tonight I finished installing the boost controller. I ended up mounting the solenoid where the throttle bellcrank used to be. If it's too hot in that location I'll move it. If I get a few minutes this evening, I want to tidy up the wiring behind the dash a bit. I've added a few things since I reloomed the harness after the swap, so it'll be good to organize some of the runs.
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  6. coming along slowly still. Whats everyone have for body panel gaps, 5mm?
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  8. Spent a few minutes this evening and looked for suitable locations for the MAP sensor and boost control solenoid. I think it would be pretty cool if I could mount the solenoid where the throttle linkage used to be. Unfortunately that area is at the firewall about a foot from the exhaust. So it's looking like by the washer reservoir is probably the best spot.
  9. Last week
  10. I was also curious about the the stock "A" L-24 cam duration (248) , is that measured at .050" ? I haven't been able to find a straight answer. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply, I have decided to stay with the E-31 size valves and just get nice valve job, as for the cam grind (Nissan cam) I'm thinking the minimum will be 260/.420" and max 270/.450" (opinions are welcome) a Delta regrind is $100 hopefully they have a profile somewhere in the middle, I will have the rockers resurfaced anyway, at $4 a rocker even if I don't use them they can sit on the shelf with a nice finish. I guess 12 new OEM rockers is to yet to be determined. I have had Delta grind couple inline 6 chevy cams way back when and they were great. I know the valve guide question is pretty mundane but cast are very durable the head now has worn bronze, did they come from the factory with bronze?
  12. This afternoon my boost controller came in so I temporarily stuck it under the radio to see how it would look. I'm still undecided to either hide it or have it exposed. I guess at this point my car has become a restomod so maybe having it easily accesible is the way to go.
  13. yep! Works great, I would say mine reads maybe 300-500 rpms low sometimes, but I am fine with that.
  14. This evening I was curious and checked the plugs. It seems I got the BR8ES hot enough today to at least start self cleaning. The porcelain was all black after my mountain run on Fri. This week I'm fairly limited on time but I'd like to install the electronic boost controller and play with the jetting a bit more. I think I need to pull some fuel out since I've fixed all the leaks on the carbs.
  15. Welcome to the forums, and enjoy the ride! It sound like you got a pretty decent one there, at least mechanically. I don't know if larger valves will be much of an improvement on their own, maybe someone else here can answer. Regarding the cam and followers, I wouldn't recommend re-grinding the rockers, buy new OEM and have the cam reground (if it's a Nissan cam - if not get a Nissan cam that has been reground). There is a guy named "bonk" on fakebook "Church of the L" forum who makes custom cams and is supposed to be good. Talk to him before you do anything with your current cam.
  16. great, I will check it out, thank you for the help.
  17. I will start with what I am working with. Early 240 with wide ratio 5 speed stock diff but have a 3.9 that I will be installing and the tires are 205/55/15. Engine is L-24 with 0.30 over flat tops, E-31 head, stock cam stamped "A", 4 screw Z-Therapy carbs still in the box, 6-2-1 ceramic coat headers 2" exhaust 30" glasspack and twin resonator tip, Ignition is stock (points) recently rebuilt with a performance curve by Advanced Distributor. A compression check (warm with plugs out but slides closed) yielded 185 lowest 195 highest. The car was sitting for a few years when I got it and the previous owner had no work done on it. Anyway I went through the brakes, replaced rims and tires, a few other odds and ends and got it running. I took it out a half dozen times, it ran pig rich and burned some oil had a small radiator leak and the three screw SUs were pretty clapped out, the car seemed plenty quick and a lots of fun but I decided pull the engine to clean it up a go through it. The valve guides need replacing and the rockers look pretty bad the cam not too bad but not great. The head itself looks great with zero corrosion. The cam towers are shimmed 0.18. Ok that gets me to my questions which very likely do not require all that information. Should I use cast or bronze guides? and what did the E-31 come with? Is there any actual power to be had installing 280 valves with zero head work and do you recommend it? Lastly, and your going to love this one. Can you recommend a conservative cam grind that will take some advantage of the high compression and low gears? Durability is my main concern the car seems very fast as it is, but I have been driving a Type 2 VW daily for 20 yrs. I will be sending the cam and rockers to Delta in the next few days and I appreciate any input. Thanks
  18. Hello All, Just had a quick Q. Recently picked up a project Z, the block is in, but the rest of the engine components are out. The seller just handed me a huge bag of bolts. I'm thinking about just getting a complete bolt kit to replace them, but are there any bolt diagrams/references to show what bolt and/or bolt # goes? Thanks in advance.
  19. Probably a long shot, but I’m looking for a left (driver side) S30 headlight bucket (aka “sugar scoop”). Only need the left side, but willing to buy the pair if you don’t want to sell a single bucket. I prefer metal, but will consider FG if the price is right. Thank you. r/JHM
  20. Had to take the wife for an appt this AM so more shakedown boosting through the mountains. Somehow now I feel like the BR8ES are smoother through the rev range. Or maybe the cool mountain air is playing better with the turbo at elevation, not sure.
  21. It looks fantastic. Congrats on getting it out to a show for the first time.
  22. Also, on my drive yesterday I was cruising the freeway for a couple of hours and noticed my pan oil temps were 130 in the AM and 140 in the PM, and my oil cooler is already 2/3rds obscured with cardboard. I think I need to figure out a long term solution but I still need to do some more research and figure out what the options are.
  23. @rossman it sounds like we have a fairly similar setup. Do you also have a 292-9 cam? Have you had it on the dyno? I put the BR8ES back in this AM just to be safe. Maybe when I get things dialed on the dyno the plugs will look better. @Zetsaz yeah to be honest I didn't think about it until I had installed everything lol. I'll order up a can of radiator black and maybe spray it in next weekend. Finally got notice from USPS that my electronic boost controller is coming in soon. After installing my old TurboXS controller, I think the best place to mount the solenoid and pressure sensor is behind the washer bottle where they will be hidden but accessible under the inspection cover. Inside the car I'm not sure where I want to mount the screen. I'm not a fan of having gauges and screens everywhere as I like the OE interior look. I'm thinking maybe velcro or double sided tape mounting it above the defrost/seat belt/choke lights in the center console. Or I could have it behind that panel under the pivot completely hidden since I could just pivot the panel up and hit the high or low boost setting.
  24. Preparing for Local Car Show- There was a Local car Show in my area on Labor Day. Everybody was encouraging me to enter my 240Z in it. But, there was still a lot of work to make it even decent. Installing the Interior Carpet- Interior Innovations provided a Full Eight Piece Precut Carpet for about $700. The fitting was good and was made of Good Materials. I had to decide which method to fasten the carpeting to the metal floor. Went to Home Depot and found Double Sided Industrial Grade Velco tape (cost $30). So No Drilling and Screws were used. Epoxy Adhesive was used the hold the Velco Tape down. Passenger Door Panel- Driver Side Door Panel- Passenger Side Carpeting- Fabricating Front Tow Hitch- As this car is lowered, In case when the car would need to towed, the normal method of sliding a tire lift under the car would not be possible. The Fiberglass Air Dam is in the way. So Towing on a Flat Bed Towing would be mostly likely method available. But, you still a way to hook up the car to winch it aboard. So I decided to fabricate a Front Tow Hitch. the Hitch was constructed of !/4" Steel Plate and bolted to the front frame rail. Hitch was bolted to the Frame Rail The Tow Hitch sticks through the Front Air Dam under the Bumper. The Labor Day Car Show- There were about 400 assorted cars at the Show. Everything from 32 Roadsters, 57 Chevys, Cobra Cars, Blown Gassers, VWs, Camaros, Corvettes, Vipers, Hell Cats, Low Riders, etc were there. I spent most of the time there, telling people "What kind of Car it was? - !971 Datsun 240z What is a Datsun? Nissan introduce their Brand New Car Line as "Datsun". There were even some Japanese Tourists asking questions about my "FairLady"( name of the.. 240Z in Japan). I did not have time to even walk around and check out the other cars at the show. But my car and I were luck to be filmed for an upcoming Local TV Car Show. Here are some Black and White Versions of the Pics. Black and White Photos really gives a Restro Mod Feeling. Next-Air Conditioning installation
  25. Tonight I got the panel put together and ready to install.
  26. I'm with you on preferring the more subtle look. Painting is fine but I knew that's what I wanted from the beginning and got my Mishimoto intercooler in black.
  27. Turbocharged Rebello built 3.0L P90 8.5:1 static compression. The 7s don't get as black probably because the run hot. I was running 15lbs of boost at the time. I've since backed it down to 10 to be safe and the car is plenty fast for me.
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