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  2. Thanks. I actually built 2, the white/red car was a 79. All glass except for roof and hatch, full cage, blow thru Cartech turbo setup. Was a street car, good for Texas weather where I was then. Bought gtu glass from Electramotive, built it around 1986. Red one bought new, 82 turbo. Was black, that was 3rd version. Bought glass directly from Hartman Enterprises, Wayne made a lot of race car bodywork. Nissan gtp, gtu, Swift open seaters are some of what they did, I was working for the GTO team at the time. Did that version in 89 and has been the same since.
  3. Looking for the intermittent wiper control module for a 1973 240Z P/N 28820-N3300. Mounts inside passenger side foot well on a bracket with relays and flasher
  4. calZ

    Frame Rails

    Also because the market for $2k replacement rails is super small
  5. Yeah. A header made for the larger square ports should be larger than any round port. It isn't really ideal for perfectly smooth flow, but it's functional and likely won't be noticeable.
  6. my brake bias is bit off, rear is too strong. now i have tilton valve for rear which does its job under heavy braking but doesnt do much on light braking. My rear calipers are ford 43mm, im gonna try mitsubishi 34mm and take pressure limiting away from rear line. with abs, pedal feels odd with limiting
  7. Last week
  8. Thanks rossman, I usually never use crow's foot wrenches so that was a big help!
  9. Good luck and remember to adjust the applied torque to account for the crowsfoot length, unless you put it at 90 deg.
  10. I don't know the answer to your question, but below are a few good posts from other sites. It appears that if you have the correct length gearbox (660mm) then it will fit, with modifications for the larger 71C bearing and relocating one of the side mounted switches. https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/1966-what-gearboxs-fit/
  11. Thanks guys, they were a class 8.8. Now the big question is if my crowsfoot will hang on to make torque spec!
  12. Curtball


    It is, but this is where I bought my type 1 surge tank. They aren’t destroyed, and many aren’t on cars. People are just hoarding metal lol
  13. No sell, cause you’re trying in the wrong forum topic
  14. Nice. Well that'll save me a couple hundred bucks. I assume this also applies to headers as well?
  15. Hello, First of all, i know the solution might be somewhere in this forum or somewhere else on internet but i'm lost under the tons of informations. I have a 4 speed 240z original transmission 71A in 3 parts and straight shifter. (My 240z is a serie 1, Dec 1970) I'd like to swap it to a 5 speed transmission. I have sourced a RB20 and a RB25DET transmission because my first plan was to do a RB26 swap but i got a bad engine so i change my plans and go for a L stroker. My question is, can i use the 71A 4 speed bellhouse on the RB20 box (or the
  16. Dam! These are the bees knees too! And now I need an alternative for my next project ugh… thanks for the first set!
  17. You can use a square port manifold on a round port head I believe, just not the other way around. As long as the square gasket holes are larger than the round ports, it'll work.
  18. They're the same. You can check the FSM also for more verification.
  19. I'm interested in a Quaife LSD for my 83 non turbo with a 3.90 open differential. I purchased a 3.54 turbo differential several years ago and my plan is to install the Quaife in the 3.54. One of the vendors of Quaife (QDF7L) has a statement to the effect that their LSD is suitable for non turbo cars. My question is there a difference between a long nose R200 turbo and non turbo?? Thanks for your time. Dan
  20. So here is the news. Cylinder 5 exhaust valve has a hole right on the edge of the valve seat. I would say it could be repairable, but that location doesn't seem like a great spot. The water jacket holes were pretty clogged up. But after popping out the freeze plugs and flushing it out with a hose, it's pretty clean now. The head gasket itself looked decent. I couldn't tell where it was torn, or had any soot build up where it could be leaking. So now I'm in the dilemma of finding a head for this thing. I know the shaved P90 is the best, but they're b
  21. Here is a tip on bending sheet metal: use a torch to warm it up (does not need to change color) and use a solid surface with a piece of structural steel on top to keep uniform pressure. Then just tap it with a hammer and she will bend i find the Datsun steel welds poorly. Combination of the cold gavlvonize coating they used, the impurities in the steel itself, and certainly the rust hidden between lap joints. IMG_7586.MOV
  22. I just find it easier because 9/10 it'll fit a lot better than anything I do. Just gotta make sure the metal you're putting back on it ain't rusty itself lol (forgot to do that for the rear hatch area 😅). Also I don't have a sheet metal brake so bending is a bit difficult with my vise.
  23. It wouldn't fit both engines, they are completely different designs. A US market 300ZX would have the V6. People do swap RB's in to other cars though. Open the hood, a V6 looks very different from a straight six. That eBay store is based in Japan, and the engines used there are not the same as US market engines. http://www.japextrading.com/company.html
  24. My son is looking to upgrade his down pipe and is looking at this item: https://www.ebay.com/itm/273523249036 It says it fits an RB20DET engine. But from what I can find, his '86 300zx most likely has a VG30ET. anyone familiar with these and if it will fit on either engine?
  25. Thanks. I am trying. I picked these stickers up on eBay:
  26. Updates: 1) tow-eye mount complete. 2) hood bump-stops installed on rad-side of strut towers. These can be replaced with quik-latch if the hood vibrates at speed. 3) pass-through holes in rad support for oil cooler lines. finishing touches before I can primer the front-end
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