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  2. Lately i got really interested in the Datsun Switzerland history and i've started to collect a few documents. Luckily it seems that thanks to Covid some people find time to dig through old piles of documents and put them for sale. Thats how i got t his Datsun (Suisse) Information brochure, very similar to this one. It seems to be a bit older since the Z is not listed inside, but it has figure from november 1969, so i think it must be from very late 1969 or very early 1970. It seems to be higher quality than the other one, but the content is very similar. Mainly advertising the Datsun Brand and Nissan Mothercompany, the Datsun Switzerland headquarter under construction and of course the cars. Including some insights into the racing programme of Nissan: The second item from the same seller was a little fold-out flyer advertising the various Cars: Again by Datsun switzerland, both in German and french: On the backside you find the specsheets and the dealer list including the 12 Months / 20'000 km Warranty claim. I thought it's such a nice and authentic piece, i had to put it in a frame and will find a nice place to hang it on the workshop wall. I got more parts today and expect more documents soon, so stay tuned
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  4. Possibly intrested of windshield also, just curious how much € and shipping to Finland?
  5. Working on limited knowledge a while back I purchased a Fidanza LS3 style recessed aluminum flywheel with the intention of running a LS7 pressure plate, disc and hydraulic throwout bearing. Not so certain I want to go this route anymore. The LS7 clutch/flywheel is 57lbs! Jeese, that thing could get a tow truck rolling... The LS7 flywheel is 26.5lbs and Fidanza is 13lbs so this nets a 13.5lbs reduction giving the Fidanza flywheel LS7 clutch a still porky 43.5lbs. Our S30 chassis cars with LS swaps are weighing in at between 2500-3000 lbs which really does not require a large mass flywheel/clutch package with large moment of inertia. Seeing guys with racing flywheel/clutch weights ranging from 15-35lbs used in LSX motors around the web. Now there are step type clutches and strap type. Can anyone help me better understand the differences between these and how "drivability" suffers as one moves toward small diameter racing clutches?
  6. Well, the school's only printer actually in the building apparently has some heating issues on large projects. BUT I made a thing... my cousin is printing it now. we'll see how it turns out. This is a new center exit vent. Figured while I'm having fun making an ecu bracket, having a new dizzy cap and TPS bracket printed, I might as well try my hand at some basic parts and see how they turn out. The defrost vents are too complicated, and honestly I could just make small brackets to mount the smaller vintage air pieces that were included instead of complicating things just to get a 90 degree bend that looks original to avoid putting a loop in one place on the ducting.
  7. Hi everyone! I've been on Hybridz for 12 years but I'm under a new user name now. I wanted to share an exciting upgrade to my car via youtube. I did this a long time ago and it was well received. I love watching other peoples video so I thought I would share my own. I have a few more videos of my build on my channel. Thanks! Link:
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  9. Oh man... if my infiniti was sold I would probably be interested. Good luck! I've heard great things about Datsun Spirit's work.
  10. Most of the guys on this forum don't have L engines in their Z's anymore so posting it on https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/forum/4-z/ will probably get you more response. Good luck
  11. Selling a new, uninstalled Stage III engine from a project that I ended up selling. L28 Core DSI Stage III engine (roughly 3.0 Liters) DSI pistons (89mm) DSI H-beam rods L28 crank Light weight Chromoley flywheel Exedy Stage-II Clutch kit Spark Plug wires & plugs Rear Engine Plate Fuel pump block off plate Asking $6000
  12. Is this still available? can you shoot a text 347-409-8833 Im really interested in these. Thank you
  13. Depends on computer you will use.... I went DBC for a few reasons - I wanted to use the Holley Terminator X - $1000 model... So i went DBC - Cheap and reliable and can be make to look nice on the install. DBW would be amazing also for a cleaner look. If staying stock computer and your engine you buy has a DBW setup - run DBW. So long as you have the pedal and what not.
  14. Hi guys, been a long time since I’ve been here. I was cleaning out my garage and came across a set of some brand new (but old) Suspension Techniques springs in the box but not sure which vehicle they go to since I’ve owned both the 240z and a 280zx. Can you guys help? I bought them from JCWhitney back in 2001. The receipt shows the manufacturer part number as 89019 (rear springs) & 89018 (fronts), but they also reference item #14-3032U on the paperwork. Model numbers have changed and can’t find any answers online. Help!
  15. All done! Waiting in the GC camber plates, and this will be re-assembled
  16. My car is garage kept, but the leather dash and console still look great!
  17. Do you guys have any updates on how well these have lasted in the 4 years since installing? Thanks,
  18. Hmmmm.. What are you making there Omar...? Mocked up the plate with scrap metal I had laying around. Figured I could at least see if I liked the location if visibility would be good where they were recessed just like the original controls. I thought I was sooooo clever using the screw holes in the panel as potential snap plates until I realized they have "ramps" towards the front of the plate and I can't actually snap them in... I have a 3D print file ready to go, courtesy of @seattlejester and I'm just going to epoxy or plastic weld it to the panel. Also realized today that my place of work has 3D printers... Checking if I'm allowed to use them first thing in the morning haha.
  19. Fill and restore the cracked dashboard and interior parts also trying to replace broken ac with universal one. Closed all firewall holes; ac pipes, heater pipes and ecu harness hole, and made one hole for all from battery tray side. And battery moved to rear side
  20. Ah that makes sense. Now that you say that I remember seeing them before. I thought you were talking about the part of the vent that you see when it's mounted in the dash.
  21. Yeah, a nice piece of gravel free pavement and I'd be very tempted to throw it sides ways once an a while! I am not that accomplished as a driver but plan to expand my abilities in all ways...
  22. Why don’t you want to drift it? That thing would look cool sideways
  23. Last week
  24. The cam was stamped e30, from what I read that is stock? Maybe a regrind? I did a compression check and got 150-160 across the board. How would I check compression ratio? Went for a 30minute drive tonight and it is running fantastic!
  25. It's designed for drifting...but if I ever use it for that you can shoot me.... It's just a rear emergency brake. It has its own master cylinder and only activates the rear brakes. It also has a line-lock lever downstream which you can flip to use as a (temporary) parking brake. The car has no proper parking brake. Basically I won't be parking it on steep hills unless I want to chock the tires. Honestly...one of the big reasons I included the handbrake is in case I ever need to get rolling on a hill....lol. You know...to keep the car from rolling backwards.
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