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  2. Cooling System- A lot of time was spent looking a radiator for my LS 240z. The biggest problem was the 28" space between the Front Core Support. Most available LS radiators were about 30" wide. But I found 67-69 V8 Camaro had narrow width of 27". So I called Champion Radiator for Pricing and Availablity. He said because of the Pandemic affecting the supply channels, none was available and would not be for couple of months. But fortunately, he asked me what kind of radiator that I was looking for. I told him 71 Datsun 240Z with LS swap. Then he said they
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  4. Do you want a BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION HOME? There are over 200 different subdivisions and 1000 floorplans to choose from in Las Vegas. You can even design and build a custom home. As a former NV building engineer and 25-year Las Vegas Realtor, I’m the Realtor you want – I protect you and your investment. Visit my website https://HomesForSale.Vegas
  5. I laid out the entire electrical system in PowerPoint and put together a bill of material. I will purchase most from Waytek. I highly recommend. But I had a few surplus spare parts I loaded it with for the photo.
  6. River City Speed in Richmond, VA; owned and operated by Jamie Taylor. I don’t think he has a website, but does have a page on FB.
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  8. Hello to all, I am looking to buy a set of new springs for a 1970 S30 , currently the stock springs are cut with stops removed and its just really bad. The objective is for them to be close to stock ride height and spring rate but I am aware a compromise is likely unavoidable. I have a new set of 15x7" Rewinds. the shocks will probably be KYB and the tires will be 205/60/R15s. The only springs that are available seem to be the Eibach Pros that may or may not lower the car 1" to 1.5" also they have fairly high spring rate and the fronts will have no pre-load. Then we have the aftermarke
  9. I have separate master cylinders for front and rear. I’m thinking… could I add an e-brake that just just pressurized the rear fluid? Man that would be convenient.
  10. Hey HybridZ very long time lurker.. i was wondering what are some premier Hybrid Datsun shops on the EastSide of the US.. A shop with prestige somewhat like Zcargarage.
  11. Hey Woza01, a lurker here. I know this is a very old thread, but if you’re out there, are you still willing to email your drawings for the AZC parking brake ready bracket? Like others, I found using a wheel chock has become tiresome.
  13. Not much has been going on except I got my new rims and they fit great. Fronts are 15x11 wirth 265/50r15 and rears are 15x12 with 295/50r15. I am still getting them polished and cleaned prior to putting all the tires on the rims. My unit got activated to go support efforts on the Dixie fire complex in California but I got these photos the night before I left. They are WIDE as ill get but they fit great.
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  15. Is it necessary to mount the unit that high up since it picks up from the bottom? I was looking at this install mounted on the lower part.
  16. Will a vacuum signal from the intake be reliable enough to work an evap can valve if I mounted it near the gas tank? I'm probably going to replace it with a smaller unit. It would be nice to get that can of the engine bay. I know some people just plug it, but I think its worth keeping around to avoid any of the other issues. I'm converting to EFI so I will be putting new hardlines already.
  17. Woohoo! Wish I was ready to put switches in. Did you get these from summit? Did they come with the breakers or did you wire separately?
  18. The factory FPR is not supposed to. But they can fail after many years. It's not uncommon but it's not correct either. You can find pressure in fuel rails on 280Z's and ZX's in the wrecking yard.
  19. I normally don't reply to "what if" post but this is an interesting one. I have owned a number of Zcars for decades and have meet many other owners who want/need a new harness. I too have reworked sections and wished I had new parts to deal with. It's a tedious task an not so fun. The solution is usually attempting to repair what they have or buying a used one that is probably no better than what they started with. Certainly the demand exist but will owners pay the price? I can't answer that one!
  20. Interesting. Does the factory FPR do the same thing? Lose all fuel pressure after shutting off the engine? My factory FPR was doing that before I replaced with the Aeromotive yesterday.
  21. Thanks for the support. I already figured it out 👍🏼
  22. That is common. They are not designed to hold pressure. Search the internet for "aeromotive FPR not holding pressure" and you'll find a ton. I had one for a while. Example - "I called Aeromotive about this and they confirmed that their regulators will not hold pressure when the pump is not running. (Dumb." https://www.pirate4x4.com/threads/fuel-pressure-regulator-that-acually-holds-pressure-when-the-pump-is-not-running.2057202/
  23. Had 3 issues recently, which I was pretty sure were fuel pressure regulator related 1) Fuel pressure at idle was only 20psi 2) Long cranking times, as fuel pressure needed to build 3) Fuel pressure drops to 0 immediately after shutting off the ignition Replaced the fuel pressure regulator with an Aeromotive one, as I couldn't find a stock style in stock. Got fuel pressure dialed in, and now the car cranks almost immediately after turning the key. But my inline fuel pressure gauge (in-line barb style with a threaded bung which has the gauge screwed into it) s
  24. I would recommend to upgrade with coil over setup. With good quality coil over's you would be able to go even wider than 245 since you have mild flares as I have coil overs on two of my stock body 240z cars with no flares, no rubbing and am running 245 wide tires on all four corners. If I had added flares to give 2-3" more space I would be able to over 255's and run 265 to 285's. You can see one of my 240z's with no flares running 245's on all four corners so if you have flares I would be wanting to go wider. Why cut the car and add flares if you are running the same size tires
  25. Lookin good Joe.. You have come a long way with the Z car..
  26. Keen readers might remember i was collecting parts to puzzle together an original, complete tool kit. With my first orders i got some wrong parts and some were still missing. Thanks to a tip from my Datsun-Mate Dan. i recently found this kit with the exact missing parts for sale in UK. Naturally i had to get it. So this is what arrived today: An original Nissan branded pliers, along with a double-headed screwdriver And s et of wrenches. This time metric ones and not inch-based sizes. I still have to check all the details. But i guess with my previous purchases the kit is complete n
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