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First Blog Post

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Well lets see, my Z is now at the point where my engine and drivetrain surpasses the current setup of my Z. The struts are nearly blown, springs are worn, the aerodynamics make the front end unstable at anything over 90mph, I can fell the car flexing when I launch it, the brakes feel a bit on the mushy side and I can feel the front wheels "skip" when I take a corner at higher then average speed. Not to mention my fuel gauge doesn't work along with my turn signals and headlights. The latter are more refinements then improvements and will be addressed shortly. At any rate I am planning my next purchases; should it be Tokico Illuminas with Eibach progressive lowering springs? Maybe save a bit longer and make the leap to coil over and camber kit from techno toy tuning? Strut bars? Wheels and tires? An airdam perhaps? We'll see...

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