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The Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe part five.

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Well for me this event has faded into the background noise of the rest of the items which come through the TV screen. It's not in my immediate sphere so to walk around in a sense of despairing outrage is not only hypocritical it's not conducive to a healthy mental state.


The interesting part now is the tangled web of consequences. This is gonna be good. First you got BP whose shares have fallen 17 % since this started. BP in Britain is the biggest pension holder and also one of the barometers of that countries economic health. Guess which country is also one of our chief supporters in the "War On Terror" in Afghanistan and elsewhere? That could be a huge trump card should they choose to play it.


Then we have the red staters along the Gulf Coast who even though their states coasts are awash in petroleum are lobbying the federal government to cease and desist with the moratorium on offshore drilling as it will cost jobs. I guess these are the same people who want big government out of their lives (except when they need rescuing). I even saw Louisiana's state representative explaining on the tube that "1/2 the folks down here make their living fishing and the other 1/2 make their living in the oil business". Wow talk about a conflict of interests!


You got Kevin Costner on Capitol Hill lobbying for the usage of his oil/ water separation machines and basically being told they will probably be too expensive to use. That's great, always a friggin' bottom line to watch out for, even when the price for non implementation

could be far too costly to our only home (assuming his machines work of course). Like I guess now a monetary value has been placed on the only hospitable planet that we know of in the cosmos. Gotta love them bean counters. Oh well I guess we get the representation we deserve.


It's not all bad news though, even though hurricane season is being hyped as being one possibly for the record books, oil could actually help to not make that so.


When oil is released in a body of water it spreads in a layer a few molecules thick and diminishes the production of capillary waves which as a consequence prevents the wind from "gripping" the sea. Waves build exponentially and it has been studied and documented that oil in the water of the oceans inhibits production of large scale waves during storms.


As far as chaos goes this is gonna be a helluva show...

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