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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe part six.

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British Petroleum has lost 90 billion dollars or roughly ½ of its’ net worth in the last two months since the beginning of the disaster in the Gulf. Planned implimentation of a plug for the leak in the Gulf of Mexico is two months away. Rudimentary mathematics would project the company being out of money by that time. BP’s assets include ; oil wells,

refineries, equipment etc.. Not to mention investments in several nations governments. Too big to fail indeed.


What we are not privy to is the moving around of assets, hiding them if you will from the scrutiny of prying eyes who in this case is the US government and to a lesser degree the peoples of the Gulf Coast. Twenty billion dollars has been set up as a slush fund to begin paying off people whose livelihoods have been interrupted. I think that this initial cash outlay is going to be spent very quickly. I have read stories of grossly inflated claims from would be recipients of this aid and why not? Getting paid is the American way. But who compensates the families of the dead turtles, and pelicans? How does one place value on a shattered ecosystem? Like we say in America, that’s the cost of doing business. the Gulf of Mexico will be considered "an acceptable loss" as long as the money (and oil)keeps flowing.


These payments are going to buy people off basically or dull the rancor which emanates from their mouths, at least for a little while. See, the most hated and infamous dictator said, "Everyone has a price, it’s just that you would be surprised at how low it is.†The money will buy good publicity and that is about all that BP can do because they don’t seem to be very good at plugging oil leaks. As everyone profits from the calamity one would be hardpressed to not realize where this is going to end up. Institutionalized greed and weak moral fiber have quietly usurped any spiritual guidance we might have had in the USA. We are not a christian nation under god. We have five percent of the world’s population and consume 25 percent of the resources. We are a nation of destroyers and our religion is nihilism.

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I think we should remove God from our money and pledge of allegiance, it's downright blasphemy. In money we trust, regardless of how often it lets us down.

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