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  1. I noticed this wire not connected. Is it suppose to be?

  2. I need to start my car and my hard drive had my tunes. The hard drive got damaged and no longer can use it.It's such a tragic accident. I was going to download it to my rb26/r32-r33 platinum pro plug in. i'm trying to get started on a new from scratch RB 26 tune with my T 8834D single turbo and 1000cc injectors high impedance using the internal map sensor. Any help would Thanks Taylor Email [email protected] trim.C2E8BB05-883D-419B-AAA3-5252BC53E74C.MOV
  3. It's a rb26 swapped in a z32. Is this suppose to be hooked up? Looks like pin 43 black with yellow stripe..
  4. MY RB26

    so I figured it out. thanks thanks , tay
  5. WTB: RB26DETT awd oil pan wanted

    got it! thanks yall this post was from may 2
  6. WTB: RB26DETT awd oil pan wanted

    WTB: RB26DETT awd oil pan wanted WTB: RB26DETT awd oil pan wanted. iM NOT INTRESTED IN THE DIFF. please email [email protected] 817-721-1308
  7. WTB: rb26 AWD oil pan

    WTB: rb26 AWD oil pan I need a awd rb26 oil pan. text 817-721-1308 [email protected]
  8. AEM plug and play or HALTECH??

    I meant to say stock ecu , was tuned by blitz , but i made a custom tune and rechipped.. I think im going to roll with Haltech. Thanks for the feed back.
  9. AEM plug and play or HALTECH??

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any insights on which one to purchase and pro and cons. aem or haltech. Im changing to from a custom ecu to needing a plug and play type.. thanks, taylor
  10. rb26 Greddy T88 34D is hitting the valve cover

    thanks bud, ill shave it down a bit too.
  11. rb26 Greddy T88 34D is hitting the valve cover

    huh? wha? older version greddy t88 34d. Is that not correct?
  12. Greddy T88 34D is hitting the valve cover Does anyone know why this Turbo is hitting the valve cover? GReddy/Trust turbo manifold, and greddy turbo T88 34d. Im just trying to figure out what going on here unless the gasket from turbo to manifold (is on order)is thick. thanks guys <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zI7IY-AkTjg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> thanks [email protected]
  13. WTB 1000cc injectors THAT FIT RB26DETT. I need 1000cc injectors to fit stock rail if need be . pm me then email me [email protected] 817-721-1308
  14. How do i figure what year and model GTR my engine cam out of. I sure the ecu is from a different model also. How to i figure them out. My computer crashed and lost all my info. thanks,