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  1. I see the cost for the board plus installation, but no mention of the cables or registration needed to tune the Nistune board..
  2. Well---after getting enough mods on the 91 Twinturbo and having limited success with the built Autos available at the time I choose to install the manual valve body with a [email protected] ratchet Shifter. Along the way I also relocated the [email protected] trans cooler to the rear of the car using SS 8 an hose. Here's the short of it.. I have over 2000 hours of tool and die plus held the World Record in B/MP long time ago. I decided to tear into the transmision I had bought "The" Z specialist which turned out to not be able to hold or last with my current mod list..**Since then I have updated to 2.5" intercooler piping and Massive intercoolers. Along with dual Walbro fuel pumps. etc, etc, If you want to see the list goto www.nissanturboforum.com and look up TXQ45. I contacted several people I knew and solicited help from others .. And now have a reverse manual valve body for the Z32 (also works on 200sx and Skyline) It's very simple to upgrade to the reverse manual valve body.. Drain the pan on your transmission after putting it on a lift or jacking it up to at least 18" Remove oil pan, remove valve body, remove pawl and outside shift arm and replace with the new ones supplied. Basically it to do this you'll need a 19 mm wrench and a 10mm socket and ratchet. Remove your old Valve body after disconnecting the solenoid and transmission temp sensor. Remove the wiring that goes all the way upto the top of the pass side fender. There's three there ,, disconnect all except for the revoluntion sensor plug. Then put the plug into the hole that the wiring went thru on the transmission. I did fail to mention removing the inhibitor switch that's on the shift arm, It's wired into the same wiring for the solenoids. Put your pan back on ,, but if using the ratchet shifter you'll modify the tab on the side of the oil pan which will make more since when you get the shifter. You also remove your TCU .. This is all that is needed to replace the valve body with the manual reverse valve body The installation of the ratchet shifter is on www.aaa-hiperformanceauto.com