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  1. 813492

    P90 Cam Needed

    I have a P90 Cam with the Cam Towers Email me, if you still need these items
  2. 813492

    P90 Cam Needed

  3. 813492

    Building a stroker N/A budget 5K

    When you built the stroker engine did you use the 1mm cylinder head gasket? Do you remember what the desire spacing/distance was between the pistons and the valves? I am using a 1 mm head gasket. Trying trying to make sure that the two do not tough. Thanks, Clarence
  4. 813492

    Twin SU HS8 2" Help

    Plan to use the same carbs on my 240Z. What needles did you finally decide to use.
  5. Would like to purchase R200 CLSD Differential Clutches
  6. Has anyone installed an 280ZX Auxillary Cooling Fan in a 240Z. How do you make this work. I have the auxillary cooling fan and the fan timer. Just need to know how to connect this unit so that it runs when the car is switched off. Thanks
  7. Do you have the 3.1 Liter Stroker Cylinder Head Gasket thanks, CJ
  8. Does anyone out there have a 3.1 Liter 91mm bore and 2mm thick steel Head Gasket for sale or know who has this item for sale.