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  1. Did a better walk-around of my car showing details better, it's got over 3000 Miles now it's been dynoed at 438 HP and it's down to the Drag-strip pretty soon to see if I can get it to hook, as is. Car retains 50/50 balance weighs over 1000 Les than C6 Vette, over 1196 Lbs Less than New R35 Skyline GTR NOTE in the Video how much smaller my Miata is than the Skyline parked next to it! http://www.youtube.com/user/LS2V8Miata?feature=moby#p/a/u/0/1CqSBdWjQAg
  2. Does anybody have any information about Best Prices & Sources for buying a New T-56 trans? The T-56 I'm looking for is a 1998-2002 GM F-body replacement trans, with no skip shift GM Part# 12552099 Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks
  3. New Video, LS2 V8 Miata

    Thanks In the video, notice I didn't put the simpson belts on, I'm actually sitting on a folded beach-towel with the lap belts under me in new seats (never used before) they need to have my big butt sink in then I'm under the roll-bar plane (SCCA legal)
  4. Posted New Video, it's got some You-tube oddities going on but you get the idea. Hope you like it, good remaing week-end guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHVhoYBeyMk
  5. LS1 Car Club! Post yours!

    Some interior shots, Have a Great Week-end!!
  6. First Drive, LS2 V8 Miata

    Here, this will stir it up! The block is a GM LS with 6 bolt billet steel caps on it. The head is a complete AFR. I'm chuckling because you can't get 2 GM engineers to agree on LSX engine weights and in what configurations, let alone 2 GM and 2 Ford engineers to ALL agree on what their perspective V8 products weigh. It's like politics, somebody's always lying, so the best thing to do is weigh them yourself. I have and I ain't talkin', if I did, next thing you know you'd wanta start arguing about big turbos.
  7. First Drive, LS2 V8 Miata

    Thanks again guys, Great Cars, Great Comments! My thinking as to the LSX versus Ford 5.0 decision back when I started, my son-in-law had an engine shop specializing in LSX engines. I'd personally worked on probably over 100 of them (comfort factor). My logic; my Ford buddies with V8 Miatas worked extremely hard to see 400 RWHP with extensive mods, also potentially compromising reliablity. I liked the idea of 400 HP from a "Stock" engine, with a warranty, on pump unleaded gas as a "Starting" point. Today, a 454 cubic inch LSX with 650 HP, 600 Ft.Lb. torque version of my engine is available as a Crate Engine, complete and occupying the same space as my current LS2 underhood. Technological advancements keep coming in the GM Gen IV engine platform and beyond, the Ford 5.0 undeniably represents the past. My opinions, I'm sure everyone's got their perspectives too.
  8. First Drive, LS2 V8 Miata

    Thanks for your comments guys, I'll try to answer here; The drive-shaft's about 36", a Z-28 modded unit. The conversion is a one-off design / fab, there were No Kits when I started 3 years ago, however there are 2 great kits available today just expensive, as you guys probably can imagine from your own experiences. I always get the; "Why didn't you just Buy a Vette or Build a Cobra" comments, YOU guys all know the answer to that one. The conversion only adds about 118 total pounds to the front end, but is offset by the iron diff Ford 8.8 IRS and added tubular steel rear subframe reinforcement, Balance still very close to 50/50, Total Weight around 2700 Lbs. I have 3 friends with Ford 5.0 Monster Miatas that I have ridden in street and on track days, I DID steal the idea, except I'm a Chevy Die-hard and like the idea of "starting" with 400 HP Stock. I think it's a Modern Day; "Sunbeam Tiger":biggrin:
  9. LS1 Car Club! Post yours!

    Beautiful cars Guys!! I guess outta pity because I'm an old guy and the fact that I've owned 3 "Z"s including a Ford 289 V8 73 240Z I built, Davy welcomed me and my little Mongrel Miata to the Forum. I'm drooling over all the great "Z"s you guys have built, I guess I'll just have to be satisfied though with my little Mazda. As you can see I started out with a used LS1 and later bumped up to a new crate LS2:biggrin: OOpps, forgot to list my specs; Total project time 3 years, just finishing No Kit, one off design / fab. Hella quad headlights, stailess mesh grill Ron Davis, cross-flow radiator, dual Spal 1850 CFM fans, custom remote fill tank. F-body accessories, GTO alternator, custom billet front engine mounts (solid) Crate motor, 2006 Corvette LS2, solid engine mounts (block to K-member) Fly-by-wire T/B 2005 GTO PCM, custom Corvette program, Corvette pedal Custom built headers, relocated steering rack (power, GM to Mazda) 7/8 sway bar. Thermal sheilding, wiring & brake lines 2002 Tremec T-56, heavy duty (ZO6, Viper) no skip shift, also solid mounted, with custom shifter Ureathane bushings throughout, KYB AGX shocks, ground control coil-overs. MOMO Wheel, custom built Renegade seats, simpson belts, Auto-meter sport-comp II guages. Hard-dog roll-bar, leather padding. Walbro 255 pump, all braided stainless fuel line, heat sheilded custom Z-28 drive shaft & u-joints 750 HP capable. Ford 8.8 SVT IRS 3:73 gears, Detroit True-trac posi. custom built 300M axles, Mark Williams hubs, ARP ZO6 wheel studs. Konig wheels, Toyo T1S 225/40 ZR-16 11" power discs, front & rear, EBC green stuff pads. 5/8" rear sway bar Dual 3" super 44 Flowmasters, with 3-1/2" dual stainless tips Entire interior was coated with 3 coats primer, 4 coats of thermal acoustic paint, under body with 4 coats also, including trunk area. Thanks for your interest guys
  10. That's what I used to fab my headers, and the primary tubes (flange ports) are already 1-5/8" too!
  11. Finally, it's been 3-1/2 years since I started my project and it runs great and I went for a short run down the highway! I said I was going to finish the car completely before even statrting it, however boredom & frustration got the better of me. So, no 4 wheel alignment (just tape measurements on the floor), no skid-plate and open headers, I jump out on the 4-lane highway near the house. The solid feel of the entire car, the freaky smoothness of the clutch and transmission and the tremendous, linear acceleration are ALL GREAT, reminds me of a Suzuki GSXR 1100, but with more integrity than any of the Cobra's I've built or been in and with power windows and a real, convertible top!! Anyway been a long while since I've posted in here, though I tell you guys, and Thanks Davy for always making me feel welcome in here!!
  12. NEW VIDEO "What it's all about"

    Deja you're welcome anytime, I'd love to see your car and I can map you out once in a life-time, really fun, Arizona scenic routes for your "Z" you'll never forget. To clarify, the "shop" in my video is at my son-in-law's house in Gilbert, about 125 miles south of me, I live in the mountains and my "shop" at home here is my little one car garage. Thanks for the always positive comments Davy. Since I started my project as a one-off, design / fab everything, there have emerged two, New LSX Miata conversion Kit manufacturers, V8 Roadsters and Boss Frog. These Kit guys are also using the Cadillac CTS Getrag rear-end, besides the Ford 7.5 and 8.8 rears, kit production quality is excellent too, I just don't like how they sacrifice ground clearance. My project still isn't on the road, however the Ford versus Chevy question is easy. The Fords can reach the general performance of the "Stock" LS motors by spending money and significant modifications. The Fords seem to suffer the loss of initial economy and reliability issues when pushed too far in Mods. The performance HP and torque curves are very similar between Ford and Chevy small block when modded, however the "Linear" HP and Torque of even the "Stock" LS motor's is incredible with Max HP happening as low as 4400 RPMs!! The "Brand" choice for most enthusiasts will probably STILL remain at Gut Level and Personal Opinion I suspect! I am and will always remain a "Z" lover, I miss having a "Z" and if I had more money an LSX-Z would definately be in my future! Thanks again you guys, your friendship is appreciated!
  13. Been a while since I've posted in here. I was a little occupied building a new shop, but now I'm back on trying to finish this car for Spring Cruisin'. Pulled one of my old Vids off You-Tube and JUST Posted this New one, hope you guys like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQTe_7oFeaQ It's more Gear-Headoriented Photos only, original music for fun. If you have a high enough speed connection, view it in HQ cause all the photos are high rez. Regards - Lee
  14. Been a long time since I've checked back in here, you guys all look like you've have made a lot of progress! I'm still plunkin away on my project, the main hold up seems to be the Jet-coating in Phoenix to get my headers done, essentially getting those back and putting back together and I'll be close to first fire up. You can see a few changes at; http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d63/LS2V8Miata/?sc=1 Also Speed Channel Video at; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3bf-k0NsWk
  15. It's really hard to imagine staying UNDER 30K if you build an LS V8 based car and use all NEW parts. Besides your car wouldn't be very fast with that roll-away fulla tools and the all spare parts you have to carry around in the back just to go from point A to point B. My experiences with used cars have been that you're usually inheriting somebody else's problems. 40K miles driven on any high performance vehicle (or drive-train) by one guy can be dramatically different than 40K miles driven on the same vehicle by somebody else, in terms of wear, damage and remaining life. After all this work and money if I'm gonna be going really fast in a GM V8ed Jap Pocket Rocket, it's gonna be with my butt ridin' on new parts. Generally speaking; REALLY SICK INDIVIDUALS LIKE ME, DON'T KEEP ACCURATE COUNTS ON COSTS (maybe by design)!