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  1. Speedmade

    8.8 stub axles 31 spline

  2. Speedmade

    The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    For anyone looking I just posted a pair of the WF 8.8 stub axles and some Intrepid hubs in the classifieds
  3. Speedmade

    8.8 stub axles 31 spline

    NEW pair of Will Fritts 8.8 stub axles. I had these zinc plated for corrosion protection. $350 plus shipping from MN I will throw in a pair of NEW Intrepid wheel hubs for free
  4. To all who have asked. I will not sell the roll bar separately.
  5. Price drop to $2500 FIRM. I need to move this car. I paid $3200 a couple months ago, so I'm not going a penny under $2500 If you do not understand what FIRM means, please do not respond.
  6. I forgot to add that this car also has Big Dog sub-frame connectors installed
  7. I purchased this car several months ago after some great conversations with Tommy (last owner) and Clive (the previous builder). This is a very solid car and a great basis for a project. It is a clean rust free 240Z with no motor, no transmission, and no rear end. It currently has 280Z suspension under it to make it a roller. The fenders and quarters have been cut for flares. Everything in the pictures is included EXCEPT for the hood, seats, camera mount, and door panels. They are not longer with the car and are NOT available. The rear cage IS included. I have a clean New York title and the car is located in Ringwood New Jersey. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. The only reason I am selling is because of family issues I am unable to bring it home.
  8. Speedmade

    Marugen Shoukai Works Flares

    PM sent
  9. Speedmade

    The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Will, I sent you a PM about the Explorer axles. Did you get it? Thanks, Reed
  10. 348 motor and T5 trans all mocked up
  11. I had posted in this thread in the past. My opinion was to get a Ferrari engine and convert it for RWD So I decided to try out my theory. I am adapting a Ferrari 348 motor to a Ford bell housing with a Borg-Warner T5 transmission. With the help of a friend (and a large CMM unit) I was able to measure the block and bell. I have created the CAD file for the adapter plate and I am sending that off for machining. Stay tuned Reed H
  12. Not my part, but someone here could probably use this My link
  13. Look you guys. I respect the thought and direction you all have put into this thread. I have even added my perspective in the past. I myself, looked into building a flat plane crank using an American motor as a basis. But when I added it all up, I just couldn’t see the value. Just a billet crank alone is $3600. And if anyone seriously believes that you can cobble two V4 cranks or make some 4 cyl crank work in a V8 block, has never built a motor before. The amount of time (and skill) spent on machining the block, crank, rods, etc to work together, you would no longer have your dream of an economical flat plane crank V8. The cheapest scenario I was able to put to paper was a LS based motor. If you went ultra-budget and re-used as many stock parts as possible, you would only need to get a crank and a cam. But right there alone you will have spent $4000 to $4500 on parts. Of course there is the cost of a decent LS motor $2000 to $2500. So even at the low end, doing the work yourself, you will spend $6000 minimum. And at that point you will still have basically a stock pushrod 2 valve V8 that happens to have a flat plane crank. Cool sound, but no power. Let me point this out again. For all the people that have said that existing FPC V8’s are too expensive (like Ferraris). Here is a motor that sold on Ebay this week. 355 Ferrari motor. Complete with injection, water pump, and accessories. These are 3.5 liters, 5 valve per cyl, all aluminum, dry sump oiling, and titanium rods. They spin to 9K and make 350 horse with stock exhaust and cats. This one sold for $3600. Quit spanking the monkey and get on with it. All someone would have to do is make a trans adapter and slot it straight into a Z. If it’s so economical to build a domestic based motor, why hasn’t anyone here done it? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ferrari-355-f355-engine-complete-no-reserve-motor_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem33577f9568QQitemZ220511311208QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
  14. This guy builds V12's that are essentially two Chevy V6's. His original prototype back in the early 90s was two blocks and two cranks machined and welded together. http://www.falconerengines.com/bio/bio_v12.php