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  1. Need help on what to pay for a 280ZX Turbo for swap

    And.... Back to where I was. I guess when I said I would buy the car, I should have gone and paid for it right then. Arranged my truck and trailer, and called the night before, and was told Friday would be fine. Well, I got two different people on the phone....who do not communicate. Bottom line- car is gone. Missed that opportunity. In reality, the timing of this wasn't great. I'd've had to continue to store it outdoors, at my friends farm until my new house and shop were up, which will be at least a year. Eyes open for one in the same condition.
  2. Need help on what to pay for a 280ZX Turbo for swap

    Decided to grab this. It's not super clean, but its complete/stock, which is where I need to jump off on this plan. $750. I will be storing this until the new house/shop is built, and intend to gather as much of the upgrade parts as I can while it sits- engine management, TB, injectors, hybrid turbo, downpipe, etc, and will scavenge all the above mentioned pieces. Planning on a 300 wheel HP build, to keep it in the realistic/usable realm. I'll start a build thread once I pick up the car. Thanks for the help!
  3. Oh, and the guy who has it said "It's a twin-turbo", and that to "make me an offer-there's no title".
  4. If you look at the Price section, it's all there, but if I toss it in this forum, perhaps more of you with the ZX Turbo's will see it. Want to use a 280ZX Turbo drivetrain in my 71. Found a 130K mile, 5 spd, unmolested example. Body is in decent shape, has some rust, and a couple broken windows (Hatch and rear side), so some local cats have whizzed in it. Has flat tires, and was not treated well when it was last dragged up on to a flatbread hauler (where it sits today). I was thinking I would start at $500, willing to go as high as $1000 Am I in the ballpark? Thanks!
  5. Need help on what to pay for a 280ZX Turbo for swap

    Thanks for that. I'm very much not new to the un-titled vehicle disposal process, and have already acquired the VIN to check it for potential 'issues'. As far as selling parts, you are WAY ahead of that possibility. I do not even have this vehicle, yet, nor have I made any offer. This was ONLY a request for info, as I had no idea what to offer for it.
  6. Long time since I've posted (If I ever have, actually), but I need some real help. I am looking into the future of my 71 Z, and would like to go the 280ZX Turbo drivetrain route. I have located a 130K, 10/82 build date, unmolested example. It has sat for a long time, but the only thing 'wrong' with it as far as I can see with a cursory look, is that the rear hatch glass and the driver's side rear quarter glass (in the B pillar) is broken, and that the cats have pissed inside it. Non digital dash, 5 speed, engine is stock, all the way to the factory air cleaner. Body has some rust, and it has 2flats, and was not treated nicely while pulled up not a flatbed hauler. Doors shut with a nice solid thunk, and it all there. I was told to "Make and offer-there is NO title'. I'm thinking I'll start at $500. If he says no, I'll sweat him. It's been there for a long time, and he has no real idea of what he has. He talks of restoration, but after 2 sentances, it's obvious he has no knowledge of the details of this car. Actually tried to tell me it is a twin turbo car. I just smiled and said, "Wow. Cool." If anyone thinks I'm starting from the wrong place, let me know. Feel free to text me directly at 425-330-1447. Many of the body parts are in good shape, (lights, rear panel, etc) and I am super willing to get parts of the ZX to those in need, for prices that are worth your while. Shipping, although, is not in my control, and I will need to be compensated for the time I will spend in protecting your parts. You will see it's worth it if you have me send you something. Thank you. Darryl