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  1. Peejn8r

    280z wiring

    dash lights, head lights, brake lights, marker lights all work. When i move try to use the turn signals nothing happens. Also, tried the hazard switch last night and got nothing. guess ill start there
  2. I didnt know you COULD put carbs on an L28 setup for EFI. Def. going to look into that to get some horses back
  3. Turbo-sounds like you have a problem with the actual ignition in the dash. Heard about a couple going bad but the car still runs if you start it from the engine bay somehow.
  4. Turbo-sounds like there is something wrong with you actual ignition in the dash. Heard about a number of those going bad.
  5. I have an L28 but it looks like the emission crap is cutting the horses. Guess with some minor work and a few tweaks I could probably add some. May look into an L28 crate motor to see what that would add.
  6. Peejn8r

    280z wiring

    thanks thats what I needed to know
  7. Peejn8r

    280z wiring

    I just got a 1978 280z and the turn signals don't presently work. Didn't dig in yet but the guy I got it from said that they are wired off the 4 ways. Is this going to be harder to fix than I thought?
  8. Might just find an L24 in good shape and swap it in. Numbers I saw on the my 78 280Z said it only has like 135 horses and the L24 out of the 70 240Z should have 150 to start. My thought is if I bore and stroke it to the 2.8l displacement or even 2.9l with the L28D crank it would turn out like 180 horses. Hoping like 200 horses with freer exhaust and intake. Is this even worthwhile?
  9. I sorta see where TurboHLS30 is coming from on trying to put the L24 in a 280. I am thinking about doing the same, minus the turbo. My thought was to bore and stroke the L24 to 2.8L but leave the carbs on it. Hoping this will turn out like 175-180 horses. Will this even work?