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  1. I would like the whole diff (gears and case), if you want to move it all. I'm in MD. (21783). Let me know.
  2. 3.1 Stroker Pistons Recommendation

    Thanks guys. This is a big help.
  3. 3.1 Stroker Pistons Recommendation

    Going in vintage race car so I'm looking at initially using forged. Cost is a factor though.
  4. I'm putting together all the parts for a vintage '71 240Z GT engine. Going the 3.1 Stroker route w/ triple 44 mm side draft carbs. Can anyone recommend a 89mm pistons (KA24DE?) supplier to use? Once I get the right ones my machine shop will handle the rest.
  5. 9 mm rods $100 from 32812 Orlando Fla

    Will you take $100 including shipping? Ready to buy. I'm at 21783
  6. 9 mm rods $100 from 32812 Orlando Fla

    Are rods still available?
  7. Running LD28 engine and auto trans

    Z Gad - I'm just down the road from you in Smithsburg. Would be interested in engine & rear end if it is the 3.7.