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  1. I have read almost every forum about this topic but now im just getting confused I want to mesh a viper spec t56 (2005) to a gen 1 sbc. I'm replacing a Muncie 4spd. I will be using the adapter from mcloud since I already spent$$ on a Lakewood scattershield bellhousing. https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/mcl-8-207/applications/engine-size/5-7l-350 This adapter will work with the viper tranny? every forum is about either the lt1 or ls1 tranny. Also, can I reuse my 168 tooth external balanced flywheel, starter, hyd. throw out bearing and pressure plate? just need to change the clutch disk to a 26 spline? The mcloud pilot bushing for the ls1 t56 swap is also used with the viper t56? I read that the viper input shaft is longer than the ls1. Does it need to be machined down?
  2. BillWalsh

    Wiper switch simplification?

    Is there anyway to wire the stock 78 280z wiper switch for off, low and high only? I don't care about automatic return or anything else. My wiper motor has 3 wires, slow and fast. a green that I'm unsure of its use.