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  1. Hey what's up i have a 1972 Datsun 240z that has been restored and motor is original has 87,976 miles on it stock su carbs fuel tank been clean and new hoses and no rust on the car,also has bigger frame rails. Interior is in good shape and has 3 cracks on the dash and seats are in good condition no rips or tear but car does have ac but needs to be recharged and heater needs a new motor . The Z came with new flooring, 280z wheels and tires are in good condition and i do have the original 240z hubcaps that are in very good condition and wheels that were originally on the car and have a r200 rear diff and axles from a 83 280zx. the bad is the carbs need to be tuned and needs a gasket for the downpipe and runs a bit rich so im only asking 3,750 or best offer thank you.
  2. KA-T swap questions

    alright thanks cause im really thinking bout doing one or a rb25
  3. KA-T swap questions

    Hey how's it going I wanted to know how many people have done a KA swap on here or fully built one for a daily in there datsun. Im planing on either doing a fully built one and push over mid 500 for street use and i own a 72 240z and still reading if that would be a good option for me. Or do a rb25 with bolt ons also which size fuel lines would i have to use for my 240z? also how much of a difference would it be in my z and the best bang for the buck.
  4. RB20DET into my 240Z

  5. 240z RB swap

    yeah i wanna make some power out of my stock l24 for now and upgrade suspension n brake and should get MSA headers and a exhaust and get some velocity stacks for my SU carbs and tune the carbs and im from central jersey near monmouth mall area
  6. hey hows it going i still can't decide one weather i should do a built rb25 or drop a rb26 in and do bolt ons. I know if i did the 26 i would have to spend more money but wouldn't mind and thinking whats gonna be really worth it and my 240z is gonna be daily drivin too. my hp goals i wanted to push was mid 500 for streets and around 300 when im daily driving back to work. Im not gonna rush the swap either i wanna take my time and get things done the right way and not no half ass job with my z so whats your opinions?
  7. motor swap 240z

    hey whats up i have a 72 240z thats been restored and wanted to do a swap in here cuz i really didnt want to do no lsswap in here. So whats the pros and cons on doing a 1jz swap and built the motor and run around 280 daily but when im messing around on the streets or highway mid 500hp. Or should i go with a 2jz and just do all bolt ons and head gasket and make some power and the Z is gonna be my daily driver and i can get a 1jz for 1,900 with motor trans harness sensors and ecu and same price for a 1jz but would have to spend a extra grand for the 1j 5spd trans. So whats yall thoughts into this and i have a 18k budget on the whole car and i know im gonna upgrade to wilwood brakes and better suspension.
  8. 240z rb swap

    and another thing how much HP can u put out on the L24 that came with the z if u build it like using a stroker kit
  9. 240z rb swap

    yeah but would still just do pistons rods and valve springs and cams for the 25 and arp hardware
  10. 240z rb swap

    hey whats up im new on here and got a 72 240z thats been restored and always wanted one and still has the l24 motor. I've wanted to find out whats yall opinions on doing a fully built rb25 or stock rb26 with bolt ons for daily driving and street what parts i need to get big brake conversions and suspension for the Z