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  1. mochi

    Fidanza flywheel/ ACT clutch combo

    PM'd you, sorry for being late
  2. mochi

    Fidanza flywheel/ ACT clutch combo

    How much shipped to vegas 89115
  3. mochi

    clearing out stuff, 240 and 280zx

    How heavy the flywheel
  4. If sell falls thur pm me
  5. mochi

    Centerline Star Wheels - Billet, 16 x 8.0

    Do you have the weights by chance?
  6. Pm me if boost/AFR gauges fall thur
  7. mochi

    Body Shop Referral

    Hey guys i was wondering if yall knew a good body shop in Las Vegas, that wouldn't rape on price.
  8. mochi

    fuel cell,surge tank,2 fuel pumps

    will it fit 75 280 without cutting
  9. mochi

    300zx turbo noob

    Hello yall Im still pretty new to the Z cars and I have a problem, I have this beater 300z turbo 1985. I got it towed to the mechanic to see what was wrong with it he said timing belt and the gas tank was rioted. Now hes saying that the Head Gasket is blown after driving the car around for bit. Ok so here is the problem, I dont want to dump 1500 into a head gasket repair, soooo should a noob like me should try to do it myself with a Haynes manual and whatever tools I need to buy Or should I part out the car and use like the dif (complete setup) for my 280Z Now a little about me, being cheap I have figured out how to do oil, brake, and random electrical repairs to my 240sx Am I getting to far over my head? Oh and what tool sets do you think I should buy all I have is the 5/9 spark plug remover lol
  10. mochi

    $3,000 to spend on upgrade

    Thank you again RebekahsZ Im still learning this car, but the main problem is I dont want to break anything so Im a bit nervous when working on it. I used to work on my 240sx exclusivly but I would break stuff while fixing stuff (but also that was without the help of a forum)(nico kept deleting my name) But next time hopefully I can get that beater 300zx up and runnign so I can spend the time taking my car apart, I was thinking of doing the prep work for getting my car painted. Oh and what was wrong with the car was the bearing went out and the lugs where all bad, added with the smog, oil change wheel aliment 570
  11. mochi

    $3,000 to spend on upgrade

    Thank you all again for keeping this post alive. I am planning on using the 300 as a beater until she dies, then for parts. Im not going to get the R200 done until the 300 untimely death. I believe yall that the WHP is too low for upgrading the dif. But sadly I had to get emergency work done on the 280z, I had crazy noise (poping) and waable coming from the front drive's side wheel. The machanic told me that it was the bearings and the lug nuts (the treads had worn completely down. So Im currently 1200 dollars down 600 to fix the bearing, oil change, smog, aliment, and nuts. Then another 600 for the 300zx. So right now im still going to throw 1000 in the 300 for my daily driver while I get the 280 up to prefection (whatever that is) Also thank you for the information about the haltech and LSD I ment to say I have a high flow oil pump sorry for the misinformation. Lastly Vegas is cool but the problem is high crime (car theifs) and super bad drivers everywhere lol Edited: Oh and Im going to the machanic to sure up the dif
  12. mochi

    $3,000 to spend on upgrade

    UPDATE::: i was able to get a 1985 300zx turbo t top for 600 so right now the 3000 upgrade is being put on hold till i can get the 300 road worthy hopefull it will only set me back 1000 bucks the fuel system is crap (bad gas, need the tank dropped) and someone throw a brick threw the window lol but jury riging it up i got the engine to turn over an idle by building a fuel pump assembly in the engine bay if all goes well it will be at my mechanic by monday so 600 bucks for a decent beater and if it blows up i can use it for parts what do yall think?
  13. mochi

    $3,000 to spend on upgrade

    thank you to all that posted. And i was not trying to be an ass........about the dif yall have a good day